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Why Renting Technology for an Event is Key

Touch Screen Rental

In today’s ever-changing world, it can be a hassle to keep up with the most up-to-date programs and security let alone different or new models. This can be true of things like computers and tablets to programs used for large scale video walls. Not only is it time consuming to ensure things are up to date, but it can be a large financial burden if you are looking to add technology to an event.

Fortunately, Aria AV has technology of all sorts that can be used for your office space or event production. Whether you have a large training session and need hundreds of laptops or have a tradeshow coming up, we can support and supply all the technology needed. Most of our clients utilize us for production events, general sessions, break out rooms, tradeshow events, training sessions, product launches, grand openings, and more. We even offer technology for outdoor events.

Aria AV guarantees the latest in models and can fully customize rentals that need custom applications or software installed. We have 24/7 support and can even deploy a technician onsite for set-up, support, and tear down. This is key for those who are not tech savvy and would like a professional to ensure the event runs smoothly. Not to mention, we have a full logistics team to coordinate the delivery of our technology to your event! Could you imagine the headache of having to do that yourself, on top of event planning? We are here to support you so that you can focus on what is most important: the event and your clients.

When it comes to event rentals, having the latest technology is important. We all know that technology doesn’t live forever, so why invest in things that become outdated so quickly or can have glitches in the software? While this can also be a huge financial burden to purchase new workstations, displays, or things like LED tiles, it can be much more beneficial financially to rent them at a fraction of the price. You also know you are guaranteed a new model that will run like a dream!

Types of technology rentals that Aria AV provides are video wall rentalskiosk rentals, computer rentals, tablet, and phone rentals, interactive technologyevent registration rentals, production and AV rentalsgaming and VR rentals, touchscreen and display rentals, unique technology rentals, and everything needed to support the technology.

Aria AV has full-service support technicians which can be added to any event, nationally. A dedicated project manager, skilled technical director, audio engineer, or video engineer can be ready to execute any project your imagination can think of! They can assist with setting up and tearing down, or just be there for onsite support. That doesn’t come with technology you purchase on your own!

Don’t feel stuck at your next event. Rent the latest models backed by full support for your next event. Aria AV provides quotes in under 24-hours – it doesn’t hurt to get one! Email us at [email protected] or call 866-840-1472 today!

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