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Kiosk Rentals

Rent Touch Tables and Interactive Kiosks

Kiosk rentals can be a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to provide interactive, touch-based displays at trade shows and events.

These kiosks can be used for a variety of purposes, such as providing information or allowing attendees to sign up for a service or product. Aria Technology specializes in kiosk rentals, and we offer a wide range of options to choose from, including many sizes, styles, and features such as touchscreen displays, cameras, and card readers.

Interactive Kiosk Rentals

Kiosk rentals for events near me

Available in 40″ (white) and 58″ (black) with 10-pt touchscreens. These kiosks are free-standing, all-in-one units with a PC behind a lockable door.

Touch Table Rentals


Available in 43″ and 50″ touchscreens with an integrated PC computer. These units come in silver and white color with up to 10 points of touch.

Touch Table Rentals Applications

Our Touch table rentals offer a variety of applications for trade shows and malls. Here are some examples:

  1. Product Demonstrations: Touch table rental can showcase products and services in an interactive way. Companies can display product videos, images, and specifications on the touch table, allowing visitors to interact with the product and learn more about its features.

  2. Wayfinding: Rent Touch tables for wayfinding and navigation assistance for visitors. Interactive maps and directories can be displayed on the touch table, allowing visitors to easily find their way around the trade show or mall.

  3. Interactive Games: Touch tables are ideal for interactive games and activities for visitors. Companies often create custom games that are related to their products or services, providing a fun and engaging way for visitors to learn about their brand.

  4. Data Collection: Touch tables can easily collect visitor information, such as email addresses and contact details. Companies create interactive surveys and questionnaires that visitors can fill out on the touch table.

  5. Social Media Integration: Touch tables can be integrated with social media platforms, allowing visitors to share their experiences on social media in real-time. Companies can create custom hashtags and social media campaigns to increase their brand visibility.

Overall, touch table rentals can be a valuable tool for trade shows and mall exhibitors looking to engage with visitors in a unique and interactive way.

The LG Stretch Display Kiosk Rental​

LG's stretch display kiosk is a game-changer for trade show applications. With its cutting-edge technology and sleek design, this kiosk is specifically crafted to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression. The stretch display kiosk features an elongated, ultra-wide screen that provides a unique visual experience. Its wide aspect ratio enables the display of dynamic content and allows exhibitors to showcase their products and services in a captivating manner. This visually stunning display is sure to attract attention and draw in potential customers. Equipped with high-resolution graphics and vibrant colors, the stretch display kiosk ensures that every detail is crisp and eye-catching. Whether it's displaying product demos, promotional videos, or interactive presentations, this kiosk delivers an immersive experience that engages visitors on a whole new level.

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FAQ About Kiosk Rentals

What size touch tables can customers rent?

Aria AV carries both 43” Touch Tables and 49” Touch Tables.

Are these units shippable?

Yes all of our touch tables and touchscreen can ship nationwide.

What size Kiosks can we rent?

Aria AV carries from 40” all the way up to 65” Kiosks. We deliver & set up Kiosk nationwide.

What software do the kiosks and Touch Tablets run on?

All of Aria’s touch tables and kiosks come with a Windows 10 Pro PC built into the unit for ease of use.

Are the Kiosks and Touch Tables Touchscreens?

Yes all our touch tables are touchscreen. All of our kiosks are also available in touchscreen form.

What can the Touch Tables/Kiosks be used for?

Customers at events typically use the Touch Tables and kiosks for Wayfinding, site maps, product demos, software demos and presentations.

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