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Aria Technology Rentals specializes in Lilitab Kiosk Rentals for events in the United States. The Lilitab Kiosks come in either a black or white color.  Lilitab Kiosk Rentals can be displayed as a tabletop kiosk or a floor-standing kiosk. Its advanced design keeps all iPads secure and safe throughout the rental. The Lilitab Kiosk has a 22.5-degree head tilt and can be displayed in portrait or landscape. Its design will not interfere with the 4G or 3G signal. Over the last 5 years, Aria has rented thousands of Lilitab Kiosks for successful events. With the different options and styles, the Lilitab Kiosk Rentals provide a secure, professional display for any event.

Aria provides excellent technical support during your entire Lilitab Kiosk Rentals. Furthermore, all the Lilitab rental face enclosures include the Home and Camera. Along with a pole-mounted iPad casing with MagdDock and BasePlate. The Lilitab Kiosk offers quick setup and tear-down. Not only can Aria supply the Lilitab Kiosk but we can supply all your iPad rental needs. Aria can fully customize Apps, images, or programs needed by our event clients. If you need to rent a kiosk, the sleek and elegant design the Lilitab Kiosk provides is a perfect fit for any event.

Aria Rentals offers full 24/7/365 support on all its computer and audio-visual rentals. We have a full technical crew at your disposal. We are proud to have participated in over 1000+ successful live events over the last 5 years. You can reach us anytime at 866.840.1472.


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Supports iPads & Tablets

22.5 Degree Head Tilt

Display in Portrait or Landscape Orientation

Pole Mounted iPad Casing with Mag Dock and Base Plate

4G or 3G Signal Travels without Interference in Casing

Lilitab Face Enclosure includes Home & Camera

Colors: Black/White

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