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Interactive Technology and Why It’s Essential for Events

Interactive technology is seen in virtually every facet of life in today’s high-tech world. Even young children are faster and more in tune with technology than some adults. Technology is expected in education and the service industry, in fact 38 percent of Americans own a touch-based tablet, according to the Pew Center for Research. Interactive technology has evolved into a fun activity aimed at engaging people in a variety of ways while also conveying a specific message. On the trade show floor, that message is usually all about brand.

In most events today, technology is a great way to truly engage potential customers, while providing an even stronger way to measure leads and especially results. Aria AV offers technology rentals of all kinds that are highly interactive and engaging. From touch tables to interactive kiosks, there are tons of options to fit your needs and budget.

When deciding which technology is best for your event, you should ask yourself “what goal am I trying to achieve?” If your goal is to draw people into your booth space and create a wow factor, here are five types of technology to rent:

  1. LED Video Wall Rentals
    LED walls are some of the most creative and big ways to make a memorable set-up at an event. They are customizable and can be just about any size you need. Typically, companies with a large space to fill will use these, but nowadays there are frame systems that can integrate one or two tiles for a splash of technology.

  1. 4K Touch Kiosk Rentals 
    Kiosks are a part of most public places, but they can be easily set up at an event or in a temporary space! Why not add one to your event or exhibit space so passersby can interact and learn information at their own leisure?

  2. Touch Table Rentals
    A big wow factor – a table with a built-in screen that you can touch! Touch table rentals are perfect for engaging an audience and especially great for sharing a product or application.

  3. 100” or Stretch Display Rentals
    Go big or go home! TVs are now almost 100” in screen size. That means the screen is over 7’ wide! You don’t need a fancy video wall or tons if displays in your space, maybe you just need this one! You can even rent 4K resolution displays in this size. There are also different types of displays like the stretch display, which comes in a long and thin shape. These create a wow factor because they are different and odd, making them stand out from a traditional display screen.

  4. Curved Video Wall Rentals
    One of our favorite types of rentals are curved LED walls. These create a truly incredible feeling and experience because they can feel as if they are surrounding the viewer, giving a more submerged experience. Plus, they are just super cool!!

    If your goal and objectives are to get high involvement or audience participation, smaller scale technology that can be held might be a good option for you. This is true for lead gen as well or when you need to capture badge information or notes. Things such as:

  5. Tablet Rentals
    Tablet rentals are awesome for registration, training, to grab information or data from visitors or attendees, and they can be a single rental or hundreds! Through Aria AV, they can be rented by a day, week, or month rate and shipped anywhere in the nation. They can even be pre-loaded with content or specific apps for you!

    The iPad Pro rental is one of our most popular products as it offers high-end features such as a large high-resolution display and high-performance processor, which is ideal for demonstrating products and services. Additionally, the iPad Pro can be paired with the Apple Pencil, which can be useful for presentations and note-taking.

    The iPad Air rental and iPad are also popular for trade shows and training. These models are more affordable than the iPad Pro and still offer features such as a high-resolution display and Touch ID fingerprint sensor. These models are also more portable and lightweight, which can be beneficial for trade shows.

  6. Small Display Rentals
    If your goal is to attract people to your booth to show a demo or to have personalized one on one meetings, sometimes it’s best to have a small monitor display rental so that you can hook it up to your laptop and present more formally. You could also have looping videos play so that you can catch people’s attention or even keep them occupied if you are talking to a prospect!

  7. iPhone Rentals
    iPhone rentals are great at events so that you don’t have to use a personal phone for anything and compromise your personal information. You can use phone rentals to scan badges, register attendees or visitors, use for any streaming or dial-in services, and more. These also can be rented from Aria AV by the day, week, or month.

  8. Computer Rentals Aria AV offers a wide selection of laptop rentals with various screen sizes, processors, and operating systems. Computer rentals are a MUST at any event because they are the source that powers things like vide walls, large displays, touchscreens, touch tables, and more. They also can be used for large training sessions, or just to get your audience to sign up for an offer.

Incorporating interactive technology to any event space or tradeshow booth can increase sales, boost the number of introductions made on the show floor, and boost brand awareness. No one wants to come to a booth space or event just to hear a sales pitch, so if you can use technology to be creative and engaging it’s a win-win! Call us today to learn more about technology rentals and how we can work together or send us an email at [email protected].

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