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Trade Show AV Rentals

Case Study: Transforming Trade Shows with Cutting-Edge Audio-Visual and Computer Rentals
Trade show AV Rentals


In the dynamic world of trade shows and conferences, creating an unforgettable visual and technological experience is essential. Exhibitors often require an array of audio-visual (AV) and computer technology equipment to stand out in a crowded exhibition space. This case study delves into the successful collaboration between Aria AV Technology Rental Company and a trade show manager. It highlights the meticulous planning and execution of renting 250 large-screen monitors, four video walls, and numerous pre-configured computers for a monumental booth setup.

The Challenge:

A trade show manager was preparing for a major industry event and needed to make a significant impact with their booth setup. They envisioned an attention-grabbing booth with 250 large-screen monitors and four video walls displaying high-resolution content. Additionally, they required hundreds of computers to support interactive demonstrations and presentations. The challenge was to seamlessly integrate this extensive AV and computer technology setup into a cohesive and eye-catching booth.

The Solution:

The trade show manager turned to Aria AV Technology Solutions, a renowned computer and AV rental company known for delivering large orders punctually. Our nationwide presence, vast inventory of name-brand monitors and LED tiles from Unilumon, BeMatrix, Samsung, Sony, and Apple, and commitment to providing the lowest pricing for technology rentals made them the top choice.

Booth Setup Expertise:

Aria AV Technology Rental understood the complexity of creating an immersive booth experience. They assigned a team of AV specialists and technicians who meticulously planned the booth layout and determined optimal placement for the monitors and video walls. Proper cabling and accessories were provided to ensure a clutter-free and seamless setup.

High-Resolution Content Pre-Configuration:

To meet the trade show manager’s requirement for high-resolution content, we worked closely with the exhibitor’s creative team. We pre-configured the computers with the necessary software and content to ensure that each monitor and video wall displayed stunning visuals, captivating visitors and conveying the exhibitor’s message effectively.

Comprehensive Equipment Support:

Aria AV Technology Solutions provided a wide range of accessories and support equipment, including custom-made display stands, mountings, and cable management solutions. This attention to detail contributed to the booth’s professional and polished appearance.

Nationwide Deployment:

Our nationwide presence played a pivotal role in the success of this project. With distribution centers strategically located across the country, we efficiently delivered and set up the extensive AV and computer technology equipment at the trade show venue. And our logistics expertise ensured that everything was in place well ahead of the event’s commencement.


The collaboration between the trade show manager and Aria AV Technology Rental resulted in a stunning booth that left a lasting impression at the industry event. The 250 large-screen monitors and four video walls, combined with the pre-configured computers, created an immersive and interactive experience for visitors. The trade show manager’s message was conveyed effectively, and engagement with booth visitors was maximized.

Aria AV Technology Rentals’ commitment to delivering large orders on time, their nationwide presence, and extensive inventory of premium AV and computer technology equipment were pivotal in the project’s success. The trade show manager not only achieved their vision but also benefited from cost-effective rentals that offered the latest technology and superior support.


This case study underscores the value of a strong partnership between trade show exhibitors and a reputable computer and AV rental company. By leveraging Aria AV Technology Rentals’ expertise in booth setup, vast equipment inventory, and nationwide presence, the trade show manager achieved their goals efficiently and effectively. This collaboration exemplifies the importance of technology solutions that cater to the unique needs of trade shows and conferences while upholding the highest standards of reliability, visual impact, and cost-efficiency.