Why Are Rentals Essential For Events?

Every year the event space is growing larger and larger.  Current event staples are growing their amount of attendees while there appear to be more new events each year.  This means that the demand for rental equipment is also growing at an exponential rate. The growth allows for companies like us to assist in growing every other industry that makes rentals essential for events.  


Whether it is health, technology, or industry, companies need equipment to run their events.  It is not cost-effective to buy equipment for each event. This is because the specific needs can vary drastically from event to event.  One may be outdoors with tent setups, while others are indoor with steep restrictions. Here we are going to look at some of the reasons and areas that companies should consider renting essentials for events versus buying.




One of the staples of any large event is laptops.  While touch screen technology is slowly encroaching on the laptop market, there is still a large demand.  Laptops are perfect for busy events where computers are needed.  Desktops have become too clunky and large for most events, this is why many have switched to laptops.  There is no longer a large difference in quality between one and the other.  



Larger corporations should think of investing in reasonably priced events if they do many events.  The downside is that now the responsibility lies in themselves. Utilizing a rental company allows for additional help with packing, shipping, and accountability of devices.  Many companies also would prefer to have different models for different events that are out of the question with buying.




Tablet technology is becoming the most popular technology to expand into events.  With touch technology becoming ever more integrated, tablets are going to continue to grow in the coming years.  The diversity of the product is quite alluring to all kinds of companies. Whether you use Apple operating systems or Windows multiple devices can fill your company’s needs.  



Renting tablets are cheaper than laptops in many cases.  For situations where you want to collect user information, tablets are more accessible and user-friendly.  Some of the top recommendations for tablets to use would be iPads or Samsung tablets. There are several other tablets that you can research to find the specifications that most closely resemble your needs.  Check out our diverse stock of tablet technology.




The final category that we are going to cover is monitors!  Monitors are what display your brand’s image for your events.  Having a crystal clear picture that attracts eyes from around the room is essential for great branding.  Deciding what kind and size of monitor you should have is an important decision.  


LG 27-inch VX2452MH Monitor

LG 27-inch VX2452MH Monitor


The first step is deciding if you want to do an OLED or QLED display.  This will determine the pricing with most OLED monitors coming in slightly cheaper, with slightly lower resolution.  These monitors are both extremely expensive, especially if you are renting multiple for your booth. The next step is deciding how large you want your display to be.  In some cases, it may make more sense to rent individual tiles or screens to create a much larger image. This is sure to attract potential clients at any event you attend.


Looking ahead to your company’s future events, you should consider getting rental essentials for events instead of buying.  This allows you to have the latest and greatest products at every event without a hefty investment.  By doing this, you alleviate stress and financial burden on your own company, while sharing it with the rental company.  If you are interested in renting technology for your next event you can check out our full catalog for all your rental needs.

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