Top Technology Conventions for 2020

Thousands of different technology conventions are held around the world every year.  These conferences range in specialty and the crowd that they bring. No matter your niche, there is a convention for you to learn and grow within.  Today we are looking at the top 5 technology conventions we recommend for 2020. These conferences provide both useful insights and opportunities to get ahead of the competition.


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CES 2020


The first major convention of 2020 has already taken place.  This conference is the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that took place on January 7th through the 10th.  CES has been putting on its show for over 50 years, showcasing the latest and most cutting-edge technology coming to market.  Within this conference, over 20,000 new products and services showcased. Because of this size and scope, this is a must-attend for emerging technology firms.  


The scope of the show encompasses all different aspects of how consumers use technology.  Ranging from biomedical technology to the newest virtual reality gear, you can find it at CES.  For the massive scope, CES is an affordable conference to attend for a $300 base price. Registration for next year’s event will open in the Fall of 2020, so make sure your company signs up for next year.


Gartner IT Symposium


Gartner is a data analytics and software provider that hosts its event this year October 18th through the 22nd.  The Gartner IT Symposium brings together Chief Information Officers and high level IT executives. The focus is on data analytics and how we can use this data to grow businesses.  Speakers often come from all walks of life with high-status symbols such as Colin Powell this year.  


For growing companies who use data analytics and financial mapping, we highly recommend attending this event.  Gartner’s goal is to help make business decisions and sophisticated strategies simpler for the everyday business owner.  The conference is located in the gorgeous Walt Disney resorts making it a great trip to include your family.


Live Design International


Now it is time to focus on the scenic and design industry.  Everyone knows that these are the companies that do the “behind the scenes” work to make shows flow smoothly and seamlessly.  Now it is time to put the spotlight on design companies and the technologies they use. LDI is hosted on October 19th through the 25th at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  With over 14,000 members of the event industry attending, there is sure to be fantastic community engagement.


LDI provides its attendees with the exclusive opportunity to demo and sees the new gear.  Better yet, they offer the proper training and information to make the most out of cutting edge technology.  Throughout the conference, you can find conferences, workshops, and individual sessions. Each part focused on creating better live designers of the future.




The hub for home technology around the world is the CEDIA Expo.  CEDIA Expo brings together more than 20,000 home technology professionals with over 500 exhibitors.  As technology becomes more ingrained, so does the use within our homes. There are now fewer boundaries than ever between where technology stops.  Immerse yourself in the connectivity growing faster by the year.


Home technology is now over a 14 billion dollar industry.  While being so large, there is still the expectation of massive growth in the coming years.  CEDIA offers professionals with the technologies and products of the future. Advanced training and unique offerings make this the go-to event for the year for home technologies.  You can attend the show from September 8th through the 12th in Denver, Colorado.


PLASA 2020


Our final conference on our list is going to be the international conference PLASA.  PLASA is in Olympia, London, from September 6th through the 8th. Experience entertainment technology convention is the focus of this massive global event.  There is a variety of free to attend programs spanning over theaters. These events hold demonstrations, expert talks, and in-depth training on emerging entertainment technologies.


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For brands that are expanding internationally, this is essential.  Therefore, this is is a great event to meet with colleagues who may work in different parts of the world.  Catch up with our team while you learn from the industry experts on the trends of the future.   PLASA also offers a variety of packages and plans for international travel, making the trip seamless and worry-free.

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