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Top gaming console rentals are becoming more popular every year around the world.   Branding your company as a trendsetter in technology is key to winning over clients. Being home all day can be tiresome if you do not have anything to fill the time. These four gaming devices/controllers offer an escape into a virtual world with the best technology that can be used.




The PS4 is a favorite among gamers. This rental comes with two controllers that will be perfect for any gaming experience. Unlike the Xbox, these controllers have a highly sensitive lightbar, and they don’t run on battery, they have a USB charging port. The PS4 Pro has 8GB of GDDR5 RAM and 1GB DDR3 RAM, making for a significant amount of memory. It is one of the most successful gaming consoles with a 4k resolution, two superspeed USB 3.1 ports on the front, and one on the backside. Inside of the actual console, there is a 1TB hard drive, which is a massive upgrade from the PS4 original model. 

Another significant update is the Wi-Fi antenna that has dual-band 802.11ac wireless making it much faster as well as a faster BlueTooth connection. This connectivity can help the download of games get done quicker than ever before. This speed is a favorite among gamers, especially because of its fantastic resolution compared to its competitors like the Xbox and the numerous games used on this gaming device. Also, the PS4 has the ability to go online and get a subscription to play online games.  This subscription allows the gamer to increase its game choices making the Playstation 4 Pro one of the top gaming console rentals.




The Xbox one is another favorite in the gaming community especially if you already have Xbox games. This rental also comes with two controllers. Unlike the PS4, all Xbox’s support mostly every game so you won’t ever have to worry about money going to waste with the next generation of devices. Some old PS games are not supported by the newer consoles. The Xbox One S has 8GB of GDDR3 RAM and 4k UHD resolution, which is excellent for an Xbox. 

A great thing about Xbox is the number of games that you will have access too if you get one of these consoles. Xbox has something called the “Xbox Game pass” which gives you access to over 100 Xbox One as well as Xbox 360 games. This is a plus for the Xbox because there is not a significant competitor in this area for the Xbox. Another plus is the controllers. The controller has customizable textured grips, which are great for playing games in long periods.

The Xbox system is also known to be a great entertainment system.  Within your Xbox you can browse their library and create your own. It already has excellent visual and auditory quality making an at-home movie experience even better. 




This rental includes the NS Console, NS Dock, and 2 Joy‑Con Controllers. The screen is a 6.2’’ LCD touchscreen making it a very versatile device. It can switch from a game console to a tablet with a couple of quick switches. It is more significant than other handheld consoles, which most people like because, for two-players, the screen is a perfect size.


Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch


This gaming console has a wide variety of games to play, and more are coming out soon. With this device, you won’t be bored, mainly because older games can be played on the Switch. The switch also can play many online games just like the Xbox, so that makes the range even broader.

Another significant aspect is the Joy-Cons, which are attached to the primary device then detached wirelessly when you want to play a two-player game. The right and left controls also can buzz in case you leave one behind, or it gets lost somewhere. This is a hybrid device, so people use it in many different ways. This console also has the ability to be played practically anywhere making it one of the top gaming console rentals. 




This is a featured gaming device because of its advanced motion sensors, light tracking technology, and highly responsive camera. This makes for a great accessory to use while playing many virtual reality games that you need accuracy.

The Playstation can measure the distance from the controller.  Distance is measured using the ball at the end as a reference to increase its accuracy. This measure is an excellent device because more and more virtual reality games are coming out, and what better controller than this one to use to play them. The controller has an abundant battery life of 10 hours and is excellent for any long gaming day. 

Each device has its pros and cons, but overall, they are high gaming devices. Between the four consoles, you would be able to find and play any game, any time. Check out Aria Av for your gaming needs and their additional descriptions of these top gaming console rentals.

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