Top 10 Technology Rental Articles

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We have been excited to share so much great information regarding technology rentals throughout the past years.  Within this blog, we wanted to highlight some of our most useful articles. These articles will have the most informative information and be the best reads that you should check out if you are new to our blog.  We are excited to introduce our top 10 technology rental articles.



  1. How To Setup A Kiosk


Smart Kiosks are becoming more popular at every event.  They successfully engage your audience while bringing leads to your booth.  Setting up a kiosk is essential for successful development. Follow this guide to make sure your smart kiosk is set up correctly for your next event.


  1. How To Prepare for Events


Preparing for events can be stressful, no matter how large or small your company is.  We breakdown some of the best tactics you can do to maximize your events.  These tactics, including successfully promoting yourself before the event starts on channels like social media.  The guide extends to go on how having great equipment with a clear message is what is needed to engage your potential clients.


  1. The Future of Tablets



Tablets are the latest trend that all technology companies are trying to capitalize on.  From Microsoft to Apple, there are touch products throughout the market. We breakdown the current tablet market and what both consumers and businesses should expect for the future. If your business is looking at further utilizing tablet technology, this is a great guide to start with.


  1. How to Integrate Technology Within Trade Shows


No matter your industry, there is the technology that you should be using within your booths.  The technology featured in this article is what we have found entices potential clients to engage with booths the most.  The report covers the importance of drawing in attention utilizing technology like video walls to display their message.  Once the client is brought in, technology like virtual reality creates lines and demands that keep people in your booth all day.


  1. Security at Events


With more data privacy laws coming into effect in 2020, it is essential to stay updated on security.  Whether this is online, or physical items, security should be at the forefront of your mind. Utilizing secure networks and renting your equipment is a great way to protect your company from potential hazards.  Make sure someone is around your equipment, or you have some staff watching over the material when you are renting thousands of dollars of equipment, its worth it to always have eyes on your money.


  1. Laptop Rental Recommendations



Significant events typically call for large amounts of technology.  Often renting the latest and greatest technology is simply out of the budget.  This being said, there are a plethora of other options to choose from when renting laptops.  We breakdown a list of the top laptops that we recommend for events of all budgets.  If you are looking to staff laptops, but are not sure where to start, this is the place.


  1. How to Scale Your Events


Most businesses start as small companies and gradually grow into larger corporations.  In order to do this successfully, your business needs to learn how to scale events properly.  Booths are going to look vastly different between a start-up and a multi-national company.  It is essential to realize what segment you are in, and how you can stand out against your competition.  Our article covers small, medium, and large companies and our best recommendations for growing successfully.


  1. 20 AV Checks Before Your Event


There are so many different things that can go wrong throughout an event.  This is why we decided to create a guide of the most common checks that should be done to ensure success.  If you have a question revolving around AV, we have probably covered it within this guide.  We are always updating our content, so if you have another excellent recommendation, then we would love to hear it.


  1. Top Technology Conventions for 2020


The Event Planners Guide to Basic AV


Whether you are in the event rental business or are interested in technology, this is an excellent guide to 2020’s technology conventions.  Our guide expands the world with events from around the globe. We are already nearly a quarter through the year, but there are still plenty of activities left to cover.  Check out the most significant technology events of 2020 in our guide.  We would also like to give a special shoutout to the ITRA for their event this past month in Las Vegas.

  1. Projector Recommendations for Your Event

Events of different sizes require different projectors.  There are several different essential elements that go into choosing a projector.  These elements extend from the number of lumens to the type of light source.  If you are unsure of what projector to use for your event, this is a great starting guide for you. 

We hope that you have enjoyed our top 10 technology rental articles breakdown!

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