The Future Of Virtual Reality

The Future of VR


Virtual reality is the newest form of entertainment taking the world by storm.  By putting on a device over your head you are able to be whisked away to different worlds, or maybe just your company business meeting.  No matter what the case is there are amazing ways that virtual and augmented reality and being phased into everyday life.


Similar to virtual reality, you might have heard of augmented reality.  So what is the difference between that and virtual reality, you might be wondering.  The most notable difference is with VR you are fully immersed in the digital world while augmented reality adds digital elements to the world around you.  


With augmented reality, you can be driving a toy car on your floor that you would be able to control with a controller, but only see if you are wearing your augmented reality glasses.  Other factors can play important roles in creating an authentic experience like making sure you are using audio. By honing in all the senses into the virtual world you are able to create an experience that many people have still yet to try.

Types of Virtual Reality Equipment

In the past there would have to be extensive setup in order to prep most of the high level virtual reality gear like the Oculus Rift. With the Oculus Rift you need to setup motion towers and create a space that will be you active play space.  While you are inside the motion sensors with your VR headset and controllers, you will be thrown into games from Fruit Ninja to ascending Mt. Everest.

virtual reality headset

A good option for a cheaper VR experience with less setup would be the Samsung Gear VR.  This is an accessory that you are able to use with certain Samsung devices.  All you need is the headpiece attachment, then you can attach your phone and transported to another world.  There is less control with your environment and less interactivity than the Oculus Rift because there are no motion sensors, only the VR headgear.

Where does it go from here?

What is the future of Virtual Reality is a question that many people are starting to ask.  With such immersive experiences, how far are you truly able to go? Oculus has come out with their newest design for a headset called the Oculus Quest.  With the Quest, a person no longer needs to setup motion sensors in order to get a fully interactive experience.  All the technology and hardware is built into the headset and controllers making it the next step in virtual reality.

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Written by Nathan Kallen of Kallen Media LLC.

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