The Future of Tablets

The Future of tablets

Computers are constantly evolving and changing to meet the new consumer demands.  One of the largest demands is computers with larger touch screens similar to tablets.  Both major tablet manufacturers, Microsoft and Apple both see the future of computers having these interactive touchscreens.  Companies like Samsung have been riding this wave, but were hit with minor roadblocks when they had hardware problems causing problems.  All the companies are evolving their technology to meet the rising consumer demand that is in touch technology.


Apple tablets are the top of the line product when it comes to tablets.  Everyone is familiar with an iPad and Apple has been pushing revolutionary touch technology since they started creating devices.  What used to be a rarity, is now the norm for other companies integrating these touch technologies. Many developing countries now use smart devices as their only source of data usage.  This puts the old computers aside and brings the rise of smaller, more portable technology like smartphones and tablets.  


Technology evolving


Technology has evolved to a place where it is becoming more accessible to a wider range of people.  This new market is thirsty for new affordable technology that devices like tablets readily offer. Apple offers a robust mobile operating system that their phones and tablets run on that is ever evolving.  These constant updates make the software top of the line fulling utilizing the power that modern day hardware gives us.


Microsoft started their first major push to touch screen in 2016 when they began releasing the Surface line of tablets.  This was one of the first commercial tablet successes that Microsoft experienced. The change between laptop and tablet was seamless in a way that had not been seen before.  Adding different features like styluses and keyboards in the future would bring the surface even more mainstream coverage. While this is a niche product with a high price point, it has seen great success.  This is as more business people are on the move and require easy access and accessibility within the technology that they buy.


what does this mean?


The future is mobile technology and that is where touch screen devices like tablets shine.  However, there are also some limitations that will need to be addressed and met before more major breakthroughs can occur.  


The first is that by having light and agile touch screen products, it requires a high price tag.  Are better touch screen devices worth spending the extra money?


What is the correct ratio between being light and mobile, and thicker with higher capabilities?


Will the battery life suffers due to the amount of light and screen time?


These are all critical questions in the path to creating the perfect tablet device.  Both Apple and Microsoft continue to make major pushes. We offer both products to suit the needs for any event.  Microsoft tablets and Apple iPads are both available with the ability to fully customize the layouts. Have a custom loadout or app you need installed?  Let us know and we will have your devices ready to go when they arrive at your event!


The Future


No matter which way you look at it, the future of computers is tablets!  Desktop computers are becoming niche products, and laptops are getting closer to a tablet style.  Tablets are becoming more affordable than ever, with a very simple learning curve in most cases. This leads to the idea that over time technology will become more specialized for each niche.  Each market might eventually have its own specialized designs for computers and tablets based on the way the current market is structured. With the evolution of processors and operating systems there is no telling where the next tablet and mobile technology will take us!

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