Technology Trends to Watch

Technology trends to watch


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As we are coming to the last few months on 2019, it is time to take a look forward at some of the top technology trends that are coming in 2020.  Innovations have been going at incredible speeds with major developments happening in all different sectors. Even modern technology is constantly molding and changing before our very eyes.  Here are our top 4 technology trends to watch for 2020.

  1. 5G Connection


The next evolution of data is coming to networks near you in 2020.  Many of the larger carriers are starting to shift over to 5G speeds.  These lightning fast internet speeds are able to be accessed directly from your cellular networks.  The increased bandwidth will allow for a simpler setup process then its 4G predecessors. There are concerns about the effects that 5G has on the human body, but there has yet to be any conclusive findings studies.


Linking 5G with automation and artificial intelligence is its ability to communicate between systems.  The network’s new speed will allow for autonomous vehicles and drones to be operated in real time scenarios.  This means that these vehicles will be able to be in live traffic in interact with their surroundings in an intelligent manner.


  1. Computer Tracking


Computer tracking  is the ability to be tracked and recognized by computer processors.  This goes for computers being able to identify anything from images of objects, places, people, or things.  New smartphones are utilizing this technology to directly integrate with image recognition. Companies like Apple do this from the recognition feature in photos, and Google does this when doing a Google Image Search.


Moving forward, we are going to see this technology change and evolve even more.  This will be critical in creating an environment where autonomous vehicles and system are able to work.  In essence, this will be the “eyes and ears” and how artificial intelligence will be able to navigate itself without the use of people.  The implementations of this technology are nearly endless. From spotting defective products to increasing security protocols at large conferences and events.  There will no longer be a need for constant monitoring as the tracking will be able to do that and notify a person if anything is wrong.

  1. Extended Reality


Extended reality is a broad term used to cover both augmented and virtual reality.  Both are huge emerging fields that are carving out large markets for themselves. Virtual reality is a completely immersive experience in which the user is totally transported to another world.  In these cases the user has no access to outside stimuli. Alternatively, an augmented reality experience is adding features to the real world. You still see your surroundings, but they may change based on your glasses.  This is a technology trend that is sure to only keep expanding in the coming years.


Many of you may already be familiar with these technologies through brands like Vive and Oculus Rift.  This is where the technology has been confined to primarily, but games like Pokemon Go and others are great ways to see how augmented reality is making its way to everyday users.  In the future we are looking at a larger segment of the business population to be expanding into extended reality. Whether it is for training or for a large meeting we are expecting to see large growth within this market.


  1. Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence is becoming more advanced through the months leading up to 2020.  There are several large car companies using it to automate driving on the streets, the stock market is largely through computers, and more factories are using automated processes now than ever.  Not only is artificial intelligence here, it is here to propel us into the next push forward. There will be another huge surge of jobs becoming automated as the processes become more advanced.


There are new processes within both Python and Saas that are allowing AI products to be more affordable than ever.  This will bring the opportunity to implement AI to more businesses. The large surge of growth should cause increased acceleration creating a cycle of implementation and integration.  In the future, many companies are trying to release AI subscriptions that do various tasks on command.

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