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Gaming Setups for Events


Gaming is becoming more mainstream by the year with more companies jumping on the bandwagon by the month.  With this rise of video games as a key form of entertainment, it has also peaked many consumers interests as well.  In a study from 2018 over 150 million Americans currently play video games in some form, with 4 out of 5 households owning a device that plays games.


With such a large portion of the population being interested in video games your company is foolish not to use them as a promotional tool.  At Aria Technology Solutions we have a plethora of gaming equipment and systems for rent ranging from stand alone gaming consoles to a high powered Dell gaming PC.  


By including either of these technologies in your event or booth at conventions, you are more likely to attract the attention of attendees passing by.  This is the ultimate goal of shows and conventions is to grasp attention for long enough that you have the chance to sell your company.


So now comes the tough choice of deciding which piece of gaming equipment you should rent at your event.  There is always a decision between bringing something that is new, powerful, and truly leave a mark on attendees.  


The Players


The current gaming consoles that control the market stand between four major sources: Xbox, Playstation, computers, and the Nintendo Switch.  Each one of these attracts similar audiences, but may be more successful in different environments.


Xbox One S is the gaming console from Microsoft that is the newest model Xbox family.  This system allows you to both play games as well as using different apps making the newest model a more well rounded system than simply a console to play games in.  The Xbox one allows a gaming pass which allows users to play a variety of games offered that month which grants versatility.

gaming on playstation

The newest Playstation 4 Pro is Sony’s gaming console that is similar to the Xbox.  The two companies have been rivals for years with the difference between the two systems being console exclusive games.  Having Sony capabilities the Playstations can also download and play various apps turning it into a smart device.


The final console system is going to be the Nintendo Switch.  This system differs from the previous two because it is able to turn into a handheld device that you can take on the go.  This may not be used widely in conferences but the Nintendo only games are sure to be smash hits and fun for all ages.


Gaming computers differ from renting other computer because they have much higher power hardware.  The time to rent these would be if you are interested in having VR gear setup since it needs a powerful computer to run.  High power gaming PCs are sure to wow crowds and allow you to play games on the highest settings creating a truly immersive experience.


How does this affect your booth?


So now that you have decided what gaming console you are going to rent, how do you connect the technology to your company?  This is the most important question because you want to be taking advantage of all these potential leads interested in your booth.  


A key step would be making sure you have a well ordered line and making sure people fill out lead forms before they play your system.  You should also have staff walk your line talking to potential clients and informing them about both your company and product that you are promoting.  By following these tips and renting a video game system with Aria Technology Solutions your next event is sure to be a success!

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Written by Nathan Kallen of Kallen Media LLC.

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