Stand Out At Your Next Trade Show

How to stand out in large conferences


The opening ceremonies have just finished and the masses flood out of the general session room to begin exploring different booths on the exhibit floor.  With so many technology companies competing for conference business now, it can be difficult to stand out in the crowd. Here at Aria, we want to give you the rental hardware that will elevate your booth and business to the next level.


Trade shows have immense value, but it can be hard to always know what kind of technology will WOW a specific audience.  While the message that you present might not change much from show to show, your approach should constantly evolve as technology allows you to reach out in new and unique ways.


Tradeshow Environments


In order to stand out in a crowd, companies are constantly searching for the “latest greatest” factor.  Whether it is through interactive demonstrations, charging tables, or an interesting giveaway, grabbing an attendees attention at a conference is the number one goal.  


Large and interactive touch screens that are filled with content or questions can work perfectly by offering engaging solutions that can be displayed on video walls.  The content you produce should be as unique as your product.  This maximizes your chance of gaining potential future clients from your trade show booth.  How will you make sure you are keeping track of everyone’s information that attends your booth?


By incorporating forms within your booth, you can make sure you are gaining the maximum amount of information from each attendee.  This can be critical when following up and making sales with interested parties without having to worry about collecting business cards.


Video Walls


What separates a video wall from a typical monitor is that it is an integrated solution which provides an array of information on different displays.  The price points of buying video walls can discourage companies from buying their own, which is what makes renting the perfect option. You do not want your business to be passed by for more interactive exhibits when you have the ability to create your own mesmerizing experience with a video wall.


Content is able to be woven together beautifully as each individual tile is connected to create a fluid image.  Many newer models also offer interactivity, which allows each tile to be used individually. There are several different software programs that allow users to create their own content.  As this segment of the market continues to grow, the possibilities for stunning content creation are nearly limitless.

The Video Wall Difference

Anyone can hook up a monitor to display their information.  A video wall draws crowds and engages your audience! A great example of an interactive screen that encourages the audience to engage your company would be the LED Multi Touch Wall.  The wall has access to over 12 different touch points and is able to be mounted on the floor or hung on truss depending on your needs.


One of the most functional parts of our video walls is the ability to rent individual tiles.  Sometimes you may not have space to build out a full 12×12 block video wall, but it is easy to create stellar experiences on a smaller level by using our individual Absen A3 Pro 3.9 Indoor Tiles.  With 19.69 x 19.69 x 3.78 dimensions, these tiles can easily be managed. Design options are endless, from cubes to any other plan you have in mind to create a brilliant user experience.


When you are ready to talk about your next event and want to work with video wall professionals, call Aria at 866-840-1472.

Written by Nathan Kallen of Kallen Media LLC.

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