Security At Events

Cyber security is becoming a more prevalent issue as the years go by.  It is more important than ever to keep a tight lock on your information.  The best way to do this is to provide proper cyber security at your events through the right practices and hardware.  The US has lenient laws when it comes to data privacy, so it is often best to look at some of the data security standards set by the EU.  By doing this, we can identify key ways to keep both our personal and company data and equipment secure.



Rent your own wifi


Large events should be renting their own wifi networks.  Utilize the network of the conference or event center to limit the exposure your attendees to the risk of having their data accessed.  Additionally, there is the risk of having poor connection with limited service due to large attendees taking a significant amount of bandwidth.  Renting your own systems will ensure you have a secure network with a reliable signal. We also recommend limiting the amount of users on your personal network in order to keep the signal as strong as possible.


Don’t leave equipment unsupervised

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This may seem like a no brainer, but it can be easy to leave your equipment unsupervised.  Your equipment is more valuable than taking the risk of leaving it out to potentially be damaged or taken.  Along with the equipment being valuable, the security of data is valuable too. Unsupervised equipment leads ways for hackers and people with malicious intent the opportunity to access your servers and data.  Not only can this be damaging to your company, it can potentially be damaging to your clients. Many companies have had lawsuits against them specifically for allowing their data to be leaked or stolen.


Have secure passwords


Securing your systems can be done by taking proper precautions before you arrive to events.  Passwords should follow the guidelines of having letters, numbers, and special characters. By mixing up these characters, it is much more difficult for automated software and hackers to potentially get into your accounts.  It is easy to setup simple security measures for memorization’s sake. We strongly recommend that this is stopped, in the interest of protecting your data. Taking the extra steps to secure your data puts yourself and your company in a much better situation to handle any sort of malicious attack.


Hire security


Many events will have hired security that is tasked with looking over gear.  Alternatively, there will also typically be cameras and additional measures in place to secure gear.  It is best to make sure that equipment is kept in a locked room where staff have limited access to the key.  This allows for the least amount of people to come in contact with equipment who could potentially have malicious intent.  Talking to the security at your event and notifying them of your gear and its importance is key. Create solid relationships with the security at the events so they are incentivised to take special care of your equipment.


Educate your staff


Education is the ultimate tool to fight against potential security threats.  Staff who is educated will make your company more secure. Reiterate guidelines for data security measures like the European Data Protection Regulation material.  Much of this information is thought to be coming to the US in the upcoming years. By educating your staff, you are not only preparing them for the future.  You are also prepare them to do business in Europe.  Any company doing business in Europe must follow the EDPR, or they will face strict financial penalties.

Now you have everything you need to know about security.  Make sure to rent your equipment from a secure source.  Aria Technology Solutions is dedicated to keeping its clients data secure. For more information on how you can work with us on your next event. submit a contact form here.

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