Save Money when Renting Technology

Renting Technology

Although technology rental companies have been around since the early 1980’s, many businesses are not aware you can rent technology and I.T. equipment. Renting technology is quite easy.

In addition to raising industry awareness, one of our primary goals at Aria is supplying event professionals with the information necessary to make a decision benefiting their organization.  Our most educated customers unequivocally turn into our most loyal and vociferous evangelists. In this light, we have come up with our top 5 ways to save money when renting technology:

1. Always ask for something in stock

When renting or purchasing technology, many clients will ask for the latest, greatest model. We receive many requests with direct pastes from Dell’s website or pictures of the sleekest new Microsoft Surface Book. Most rental companies charge premium rent for newer items. Instead of asking for the latest model, ask for one generation older or something the vendor has in stock. Technology rental companies have a huge incentive to rent what is in stock. Real life example: Ask for iPad 4 rentals instead of iPad Air rentals.

2. Ask to pickup items instead of shipping

Most rental companies allow will-call pickup at their local warehouse. If you are renting small items such as iPads or MacBooks, will-call pickup can save you a significant amount of money. Most rental companies have a minimum delivery or service fees. In most cases this fee will be waived for customer pickups and drop-offs.

3. Ask for a damage waiver

Just like renting a car if you damage a vendor’s computers equipment, repair and/or replacement fees will be charged. This is potentially costly liability for any renting party. Most rental companies offer a damage waiver on equipment at a set percentage of the rental fees. Make sure to ask your sales representative about the damage waiver option. In lieu of damage waiver, many clients are able to add their rental equipment to their companies property insurance. This is another great method to curb potential losses.

4. Rent Microsoft Office instead of purchasing

Purchasing new software is expensive. In many cases, the cost of software can exceed the price of hardware. Technology rental companies participating in either the Microsoft SPLA program or Microsoft Rental Rights program can legally rent out the Microsoft Office Package along with the corresponding hardware. The Microsoft Office rental costs are a fraction of the purchase cost. Make sure to always work with a registered Microsoft partner to guarantee compliance.

5. Ask for spare rental equipment

During an event, most rental companies will offer spare rental equipment to their clients. This is especially the case on large events. For example an event with 50 iPhone 6 Rentals. In this case, Aria would offer 5 spare units. Companies in the industry will usually offer these spares at no charge or at a much reduced rate. The total cost of rental is brought down significantly through the material reduction in downtime or technical support. Spares are a critical element for meeting planners in ensuring event success.

Thank you for reading our blog and please see a sampling of rental equipment to rent here: www.ariaav.com/computer-rental-products.



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