Renting Technology: Apple or Microsoft?

Whose Technology reigns supreme?


Since computers starting hitting the mainstream market, technology giants Apple and Microsoft have been paving the way.  Now people will make strong allegiances to one company or another. The two companies encourage this by incentivizing having all of your technology from one company.  This is done through the form of different ports and easier accessibility when all on one form. Apple has its own program called iTunes which syncs easily with Apple devices, but will need additional software and downloads to run on other computing platforms.


When it comes down to renting there are different circumstances to consider when deciding what equipment may be right for you. At Aria we are happy to offer both technologies with the full range of model and specs to assure we have the right equipment for your next job.  Here is a quick guide to comparing Apple and Microsoft products when looking to rent phones and tablets.




Apple is famous for developing the iPad.  Since the iPad has been around so long, there are many different models that you are able to rent.  There are 3 primary model types to go off of: Mini, Air, and Pro. The iPad Mini is designed to be much smaller than the other models.  The standard mode is the iPad Air that is the standard resolution of 2048 x 1536.  Finally, the most expensive iPad is the Pro offering larger storage, a better resolution, and larger sizes than the other iPad models.


Microsoft offers their Surface Pro series when it comes to tablets.  Aria AV is proud to offer the MS Surface Pro 2-4 available to rent.  As the model number increases, you will see that everything from the storage to the picture quality is getting better.  With each new model Microsoft increases the resolution giving crystal clear quality. These tablets may be better for larger events that are not running systems off Apple products.  This way you can try and keep your event synchronized avoiding different technology when possible.




iPhone rentals are a popular selection because of their popularity among the consumer market.  Most people are somewhat familiar with these phones. Apple assures that the user experience is clear and easy so anyone can operate their iPhones.  You can choose custom data plans for the phones as well depending on their usage. If you are on WiFi and do not want to pay for data you can simply use the phone as smart devices.  We also offer image loading so you can fully customize the iPhones before you send them to your next event, offering models 7 through the XS Max.


Smartphones that run Android, and other operating systems, is where Microsoft does its business.  Microsoft works closely with companies like Samsung and Google to produce highly capable smartphones.  Unique features that Samsung phones offer is a unique display called the “edge” where the screen fully wraps around the side of your phone.  This allows for extra menus and unique interactions that the iPhone would miss. Images are able to be uploaded so that these phones are able to come fully customized with access to data if needed.

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