Projector Recommendations for Your Event

Projectors are a staple to many significant events.  Without them, a massive screen would be needed, that is much more expensive.  High-end projectors allow for events to have spectacular visual, without spending too much money.  Within the projector world, there are many different models and aspects you will want to decide between.  In this article, we will go over some projector recommendations and critical details that you should look at.


Lumens – High-end vs. low-end


The most common way projectors strength described is in lumens.  This is the SI unit of luminous flux that equals the amount of light emitted per second.  In short, it is the strength of the actual light. The higher the lumens, the more intense the light is going to be.  For small events, you can utilize a lesser lumen model. However, for more significant events, it is critical to use the correct amount of lumens and a high-end projector.  If not, you risk having a projector that is either too intense or not strong enough to give you the required results.


Epson 2250U Projector

Epson 2250U Projector


In recent years, there have been projectors that have developed Lumen Laser technology.  This technology utilizes laser light to provide a stronger and more reliable light source than before.  The high brightness and outstanding picture quality make it one of the best technologies on the market for projectors.  Currently, the technology is only available for high-level lumen projectors like the Panasonic PT – RZ970BU or PT – RZ77OBU.  Both of these models offer the state of the art Lumen Laser technology that can be rented from us today.


Picture Quality


Quality of your images is paramount no matter what event you are putting on.  All in all, sometimes, you can settle for slightly less HD in a smaller area. For significant scale events, your picture must be crisp, without losing frames.  This is where True HD and full HD projectors will be your go-to high-end projector.


InFocus IN128HDSTx Short Throw Projector

InFocus IN128HDSTx Short Throw Projector


These are going to be projectors that have approximately 2 million pixels for 1080p display.  Similarly, projectors that are HD will have only 1 million total pixels. The large your screen or display area, the more pixels you will want.  Blowing up images that have low pixel rates will cause blurred or distorted images that will take away from experiences and presentations.

Weight and Placement


This is a category that some people might be curious about.  It is essential to be mindful of the setup of your events. When some people think of projectors, they may think of small breakout room projectors.  While this is the case for some rentals, some projectors are over 50 pounds. These are going to be for much larger rooms. Failing to look or understand both the lumens and the size can be detrimental in some scenarios.  Additionally, the larger projectors are much more powerful and bright, making them not suitable for specific environments. Similarly, smaller projectors would be much less suited for the more significant scenarios.

Alternatives to Projectors


While projectors are fantastic for many scenarios, there are also some situations where they will not suffice.  Prime examples would be areas that are heavily in human traffic. In areas with lots of people, they can go in front of the projector, blocking the image.  


Monitors and custom LED tiles will be a much better fit for this situation.  Similarly, in cases where custom shapes or views are needed, LED blocks are going to be your best option.  This is because it allows you to build your forms. Each form has custom images on it, or a larger image extending through the tiles.  The options are near limitless now with ways to engage potential clients are events. For any of the technology talked about in this article, you can contact us for more information.

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