Portable Devices

Rent the latest in tablets, phones, laptops, and other portable devices. Aria AV supports all portable device rentals nationally, with accessories.

iPhone & Android Phone Rentals

Thousands of Apple iPhone and Android phones available in multiple models and specs. Latest models available.

Tablet Rentals

ipad rentals nationwide

Thousands of tablets and Apple iPads available in multiple models and specs. 
Latest models available.

Apple & PC Laptop Rentals

Thousands of Apple and PC laptops with custom imaging available.
Latest models available.


Do you rent Android Tablets?

Yes we rent Android Tablets by Samsung as well as iPads of all generations and sizes.

Are units WIFI only?

Rentals are available in both WIFI only and with Turnkey 4G/LTE. LTE units are preconfigured.

What comes with an Android or iPad Rental?

Standard a folio protective cover, a/c adapter with charging cable.

What does a tablet rent for?

Prices range from $50.00 to $175.00 per unit depending on generation of unit and LTE?

How many tablets can we rent?

Client’s rent between 1 and 500 tablets for events, registration, check-in, app testing and inventory uses.

Are there bulk discounts?

Bulk order are typically discounted depending on time frame of event.