How Many Devices Should You Rent?

One of the most common questions we get asked is how many devices should I rent?

It’s like a child walking into a candy store and realizing, wow, I can have as many as I want, really?!?

Truth: The cost of renting iPads is much less than buying them.
Reality: There are a large number of users bringing their own non-configured devices to your meeting or event.
Having supplied devices at the event can minimize distraction on BYOD devices.

Like a doctor, we like to diagnose the problem and try to assess the situation to find the most appropriate solution. Keep in mind that being short on iPads is like running out of entrées at a wedding, not exactly a predicament you want to be placed in, nor one that we want to put you in.

Here are some questions we use in order to help determine the quantity of devices you may need.

How many people are attending the event?

Are you passing out devices at a ratio of one per attendee or are they going to be placed on the tables for sharing? One to one is easy, just rent out the amount of devices based on registration.

We always take proper precautions so we include 10% spare devices at no charge. While these devices (like iPads) have a low fail ratio, the spares help account for extra attendees and increased last-minute registration.

If users will be sharing devices, we recommend these ratios:

Registration Use:

1 device per 10 attendees.
This rate could increase if there is:
● A short registration window
● Inexperienced or new check-in staff
● Lengthy check-in process
● Multiple registration areas spread throughout a convention hall

Charity Auction Use:

1 device per 2 attendees.
We would hate to see someone NOT bid on something because there aren’t enough devices to go around. Also, the devices can act as a showcase to display the items up for bid in detail as well as showcase the cause of the charity that the auction is supporting.

App Testing/Use:

1 device per 5 attendees.
There are so many awesome apps out there for use at events and functions to engage your audience, whether they are self-timed photo booths that share to the event’s Instagram account, carnival games manned with people handing out actual stuffed animal prizes, or apps that ask you to stop and ask a question to the speaker. Depending on the app that you plan to use at your event, not everyone will necessarily be using it at the same time. We like to consider that we always want to have enough devices and once we understand the flow of your event, we can likely help you solidify whether or not 1 device to 5 attendees is enough.

Sales Presentation:

1 device per 2 attendees.
If you’ve got your demo loaded on your iPad for the next meeting, tradeshow or convention and don’t need one for everyone, then one for every two attendees should do. This would work if everyone is sitting in a round table situation or in a lecture hall. Two people can easily share a tablet.

These are rules of thumb, but they come in very handy when planning events and how many rental devices you may need.

Aria Technology Solutions is a full service white glove rental company. Give us a call and we will listen to what your plan is and help custom tailor your rental plan. We won’t pressure you to rent too many and we certainly don’t want you to run out!

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