Charging Station Rental

Charging station rental

It happens to us all. You’re at an important business meeting or conference and you need to make a call, send a text or read an email. But your mobile device is quickly dying and either there’s no power outlet in sight or they’re all in use.

Now what? It could be hours before you’re able to power up!

The solution for you and your event attendees is a charging station that allows multiple users to charge their devices simultaneously. Aria Technology Solutions proudly stocks and rents the Flex Standalone Charging Station for all your conference, meeting, trade show or convention needs. Keep your attendees happy and stress free with the best and easiest to use charging station on the market.

Flex Charging Station Rental

Aria Technology Solutions’ Flex Charging Station rental is a breeze to assemble, move and use. With a weight that is 50 percent lighter than the competition, this machine can be assembled and ready to use in just three minutes.

Each unit comes with the ability to charge up to 12 devices at once and cords that support all mobile platforms. Users can also display photos or videos on the unit’s 20-inch LCD wide screen.

The Flex Charging Station also affords an incredible opportunity to reach an even wider audience with a branding message. The unit has an available 20-square feet of uninterrupted branding space. So, either sell a sponsorship or use the unit for your own branding needs.

The Flex Charging Station ships nationwide from Aria Technology Solutions, and will be at your event on time and fully operational when your guests arrive.

About Aria Technology Solutions

Aria Technology Solutions provides the very best in tech rental for any conference, trade show, corporate event or convention nationwide. From the moment you place your order, we will handle your event rentals with white glove service, allowing you to focus on the most important matters of planning and executing your event. Contact Aria today to discuss the revolutionary Flex Charging Station and any other tech event rentals you may need.

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