Laptop Rentals

Laptops are one of the most stable technology rental products throughout the years.  Whether you are going to a large conference or detailed training, there are rented laptops.  Both easy to use, and quick to set up, it makes them the perfect choice for large scale events.  The ability to put custom loads on the laptops through means like ghost servers allows for fully customobility on rented devices.  No matter if it is a few laptops for a booth, or hundreds for a large conference, Aria has you covered!


The laptop rentals we provide cover a diverse range of sizes, operating systems, and specs.  When looking through out products, we offer all the major brands that you hope to expect. From IBM to Apple, we have products that will make your event one to remember.  We are proud to ship our laptop rentals nationwide through our offices located in Chicago and Las Vegas. Our complete catalog of turnkey solutions was created specifically to satisfy your computer rental needs.


Get Started


The first step to renting your first computer is to make sure you qualify.  At Aria Technology solutions, we only rent to corporate clients. This means if you are looking for a personal rental we recommend you find a different company.  Now that you know if you can rent from us, it is time to choose the requirements for your event. If you are looking for high tech gaming computers, we got you covered.  More commonly, large events will rent laptops something more along the lines of an HP or Dell model. The decision is typically a factor between pricing and specs on the machines.  Finding the perfect balance is essential to staying within your event’s budget.

What Kind of Event?


Next is deciding the type of event that you are renting for.  Here are some of our recommendations for best uses out of our current laptops.


Samsung Notebook 9 Pro Touchscreen


This is the top of the line touchscreen laptop from Samsung.  These are going to be high end and great for designers. The touchscreen allows for seamless transitioning between typical computer use and design use.  A great choice for any design training session where you need powerful laptop rentals.


Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop – 


For some events you really want to wow your audience.  This is a machine that allows you to do that. Pair up this machine with any virtual reality console to blow away the competition.  The high end specs make it one of our most high powered laptops. Any large gaming conference would be perfect with the addition of these Acer laptops.


Apple Macbook Pro I7 Retina


We are proud to carry the top of the line Apple laptops.  The Macbook Pro is perfect when you have something particular to the Apple system.  This may also include any applications or data within their system.  


Lenovo B590 I3 Notebook – 


Are you planning a massive event?  Hundreds or thousands of attendees needing access to laptops?  That is where this Lenovo model will come in great. It is able to handle basic traffic and tasks that will occur during most conferences.  These are great options for note taking machines or events using laptop rentals of a large scale. The lower price tag makes them a much more viable option on a tight budget when looking for laptops to rent.


The Event

Now that you have decided on your laptop, it is time to make sure your event goes smoothly.  We have a dedicated support team there specifically for all of our clients. We pack and ship all machines with return labels making the process seamless.  As a client, all you need to do is follow setup instructions and you will be good to go with your machines. In the case that you need assistance, we are always more than happy to assist you!  For your next event make sure you rent your technology from Aria Technology Solutions.

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