Kiosk & Touch Table Solutions

Digital kiosks and touch tables are highly interactive, eye-catching technology that will grab the attention of any passersby allowing them to engage with your content.

Interactive Kiosk Rentals


Available in 40″ (white) and 58″ (black) with 10-pt touchscreens. These kiosks are free-standing, all-in-one units with a PC behind a lockable door.

Touch Table Rentals


Available in 43″ and 50″ touchscreens with an integrated PC computer. These units come in silver and white color with up to 10 points of touch.


What size touch tables can customers rent?

Aria AV carries both 43” Touch Tables and 49” Touch Tables.

Are these units shippable?

Yes all of our touch tables and touchscreen can ship nationwide.

What size Kiosks can we rent?

Aria AV carries from 40” all the way up to 65” Kiosks.

What software do the kiosks and Touch Tablets run on?

All of Aria’s touch tables and kiosks come with a Windows 10 Pro PC built into the unit for ease of use.

Are the Kiosks and Touch Tables Touchscreens?

Yes all our touch tables are touchscreen. All of our kiosks are also available in touchscreen form.

What can the Touch Tables/Kiosks be used for?

Customers at events typically use the Touch Tables and kiosks for Wayfinding, site maps, product demos, software demos and presentations.