iPhone 8 Release Rumors

Apple is rumored to be doing a full revamp with the iPhone 8 release. With new features encompassing both design and functionality, the iPhone 8 hopes to leave competitors in its wake. With ten devices reportedly being tested it is uncertain what the new iPhone 8 will actually look like and what features it will have. One rumor that seems to be agreed upon is the release of 3 different models sometime fall of 2017.


The new design rumored with the iPhone 8 will have no home button and be an edge to edge display. Eliminating all the bezels, which will allow a 5.5” screen to be the same size as a current 4.7” iPhone. Instead of a home button it will be integrated into the screen. The iPhone 8 may be going back to having a glass body, like the iPhone 4. By switching to a glass body it could result in the ability to provide wireless charging.


The display is said to be moving to OLED on the iPhone 8. However, rumors suggest only one of the 3 iPhones will have an OLED display. This most likely being the top model. The other two models will continue using the standard LCD display.

Additional Features

The iPhone 8 should be getting an upgrade to a faster processor, moving to an A11 Chip. Storage may increase, as well as including 3GB of Ram.  Apple is said to be upgrading the waterproof rating for the iPhone 8. Allowing the phone to be submerged in water longer than the iPhone 7. There is the possibility of facial recognition or iris scanning that would allow the user to unlock the iPhone 8 by scanning ones face. In addition to all these changes there is talk that the iPhone 8 will include a USB-C port. This would most likely be in addition to the lighting connection and not replace it.

With all the iPhone 8 rumors, Aria Technology Rentals is looking forward to seeing what Apple releases in Fall of 2017. The new technology is sure to make an excellent addition to Aria’s current iPhone Rentals lineup.

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