iPhone 11 Release

iPhone 11 Release

Apple has just released its latest iPhone model called the iPhone 11.  The iPhone 11 was released on September 20th to the public, with a longer wait for the Pro versions. The latest large scale updates are going to be the addition of a second camera to the phone, strengthened glass and design, and the fastest chip to be put in a smartphone, just to name a few.  With all these great features to dive into, let’s not waste any time getting into the iPhone 11!


Dual Camera


The iPhone 11 is most proud of its latest addition of a second camera to the back of the iPhone.  The redesigned camera interface utilizes a wide angle.  Because of the wide angle, it allows for a view beyond the lens while capturing the perfect picture.  New features have been added to the video recording and editing capabilities of the iPhone 11.  The wider lens allows shots to be captured and rendered beautifully without needing to shoot a panoramic.


With the new cameras, video is able to be shot in crisp 4k quality with 60 fps across all cameras within the iPhone 11.  This makes action shots a breeze now with additional width and higher quality picture. The zoom feature now is able to zoom in on specific sounds, as well as pictures. Editing features are now more inclusive to be easier to use for a wider variety of pictures.  This is sure to up your photography game to the next level.


Shooting in the dark has never been easier.  Apple is introducing their new Night Mode. This feature is automatically turned on in low-light environments.  Needing flash is now eliminated. No more red eyes or obnoxious flashes, only gorgeous pictures that emanate natural light.  Night mode has been a new feature sweeping across both apps and systems.  Softer brightness levels make it easier for the eyes to view, and cause less harm when the user is looking at their phone in the dark.




Durability has been at the forefront of smartphone design in recent years, and the iPhone 11 is no exception.  Both the front and back glass of the iPhone 11 are strengthened through a dual-in exchange process making them the toughest glass on the market.  The water resistance has been increased to 2 meters for 30 minutes which is double that of its predecessor, the iPhone XR.  Regardless, we would always recommend getting a case for your smartphone to extend its life as long as possible.  When renting equipment from Aria, we make sure to have everything you will need for the perfect event.




A phone is nothing if it doesn’t keep a charge.  Battery durability has been refined to work more effectively with the iPhone 11 hardware and software.  But the perks don’t stop there! Thanks to the fast charging capabilities, your iPhone 11 will now be able to charge faster than any other iPhone released.  Because of the integration of a new chip, Apple was able to further optimize the battery capabilities.




It’s time to take your technology to the next level.  Both the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro carry the A13 Bionic.  This is the fastest chip to ever be utilized within a smartphone producing record fluidity and speeds.  Between performance and durability, the A13 Bionic chip is designed to make your phone run more effectively, while having a longer overall battery life.  Take your phone to the next level with the best in class processor.  Because of the chip speed, it allows for easier integration and a glimpse into the future of what is possible.


Shared Features


Now it’s time for  the features that will be included with the iPhone 11 that you might already be familiar with.  If you have used any of the past recent iPhone models, this will be a review of the most prominent features that users love.  The first is going to be the continuation of the face ID recognition instead of fingerprint. Next is the dedication to privacy that Apple uploads in regards to their users data.  Apple continues to be best in class, in terms of quality and security.  Finally, Apple continues its trade-in program making their devices more rewarding when taken care of over time.  Similarly, those who want the Pro versions of the iPhone 11 had to wait a few extra weeks for those models to ship.

Apple and an iPhone

For the full breakdown of the new iPhone 11, you can checkout Apple’s full breakdown here.  If you are interested in more technology articles be sure to check out blog for weekly updates.  For those interested in renting technology for their next event, be sure to check out our full stock list.

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