Interactivity in Touch Technology

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Technology is constantly evolving to meet people’s ever changing taste for interactivity.  Touch technology is on the cutting edge of providing an interactive experience that consumers love.  The ability to feel and interact with what you are viewing ups the level of engagement significantly.  With modern computing, touch technology is growing at a rapid pace.


The market has gone from only a few touch screen products, to some products being purely touch screen.  Smart phones have cemented their touch screen displays with every major provider utilizing the technology.  The era of flip phones and clunky technology is now over. Now it is about being sleek and mesmerizing.  Becoming a product that truly captivates consumers if becoming more difficult which is why touch screens are also growing.  Larger interactive media is at the point where the virtual world is becoming a space where real money is made.


Interactive Touch Screen Displays


Today’s conventions are about ”wowing” your audience more than your competitors.  With the rise of interactive displays, monitors are no different. Tablets have been on the rise and computers are becoming more compact with touch screen abilities.  But what is the best way to draw an audience’s attention? Our recommendation is through touchscreen LED displays!

User have become familiar with mobile touch screens and tablets.  There is a yearning for the same experience on a larger level like desktop size.  Touch is becoming more integrated in society through technology every year.


Regardless of your size and budget, include touch technology in your exhibit.  While we recommend impressing your audience with scale, this can often be expensive.  Smaller companies may not have the budget for these types of rentals. Oppositely, there are standard television size touchscreen available.  These still encourage potential clients to approach your booth and learn more about your company. Finally, we would recommend at least using a tablet or interactive kiosk.  These can be used to both collect leads and engage your clients with interesting content.


What is a Touchscreen LED Display?


Like most televisions, it is made from an LED display.  The most major difference is going to be the digitizer. This is a thin transparent layer of plastic.  The layer reads signals from touch points and transports them to the computer’s processor. This is done the same way that tablets and smartphones are done, simply on a larger scale.  The LCD screen is a panel that is inside device that displays images.


It is no longer enough to put on an impressive show.  If your audience is not directly engaged, you will lose their attention to someone that is engaging them.  Anyone can create promotional material these days so you need to stand out in the crowd.


What’s Ahead For Touch Technology?


Looking ahead towards 2020, the trends are not slowing down.  More companies are creating interactive tiles that can be put together to create larger setups.  Once these are able to more easily integrate touch screens, this could lead to another huge push.  Allowing for interactive screens on scales that we have not seen.  On a smaller level, smartphones and tablets are only going to get better in quality.  Televisions are going to be able to be both smart and touch screen interactive. Over the years, this will become more and more affordable as we have seen with LED TVs.


The future is looking bright and exciting for touch technology!  Stay up to date on the latest technology to rent for your events by following our newsletter and blog.  If you are interested in renting touch screens you can contact us here.

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