How To Setup The HTC Vive

Virtual Reality is becoming the hottest trend for both leisure and conferences.  Involving your audience and potential clients is a great way to have them get involved with your product.  One of the most common virtual reality systems is the HTC Vive.  There is setup required, as well as additional accounts that need to be created, in order to have your Vive up and running.  Aria is here to present a quick start guide to setting up and playing your HTC Vive in minutes.

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  1. Check Hardware


The first step in setting up your HTC Vive is checking all your hardware.  Whether you bought a new Vive or are renting one, if you do not have all your equipment, you may not be able to set your system up.  The hardware you will be needing is your headset, 2 base stations and 2 controllers, and a link box. The headset is what will be worn when the user is playing a virtual reality game.  Base stations are used to track the headsets movements of the player while using virtual reality. Finally, the two controllers are going to be what is used by the player when they are within a virtual reality game.


  1. Designate A Space


In order for you to maximize your experience while minimizing the damage, you will want to make sure you have the proper setup space.  Virtual reality can make people feel like they’re in a different place, but their body actually stays where they are. Often people can get excited and start wildly waving their arms which can be destructive if the space is not large enough.


For best gameplay you want to create at least a 10 x 10 foot area of space in which the base stations will be placed.  Once you screw in your stations to the stands and have enough space, you will be ready to start up your system and begin calibrating.  Make sure there is enough space between the base stations.  Place your bases at a proper height for the highest performing game play session. This will include all aspects of the HTC Vive.


  1. Hardware Setup


Once you have setup the base stations appropriate distances apart, it is time to plug them in.  Plug in the power cables to the base stations. Once the base stations are plugged in, use the channel button to switch channels so one base reads B, while the other reads C.  If this is done correctly, then it should read a white light which means that your system is setup.


Now you will need to connect your Link Box to the computer.  This will have both a power cord that needs to be attached, along with ports to be plugged into a computer.  Both HDMI or USB will work for the HTC Vive.  You will want to plug in both cords to the Link Box and then computer.  Once the back of the Link Box is hooked up, it is time to move onto hooking up the headset to your Link Box.  

The headset will have a set of 3 cords coming out of it.  All you need to do is plug the cords into their respective slots.  There will be an HDMI, USB-A, and a power port that will all need to be hooked up in order to fully optimize the headset.  Once these 3 cords are plugged in you will be able to adjust the headset to properly fit so it is securely on the head.


  1. Software


Time to create your Steam account if you don’t already have one.  Steam is a cloud based gaming service that offers game downloads. Steam has particular features that pair up with the HTC Vive, allowing for seamless integration.  If you are new to steam you can create a new account here.


Once you have Steam downloaded you will want to make sure that you also have Steam VR downloaded.  This is a special add-on specifically for VR games. Once you install the Steam VR software, it is time to calibrate your room.  Now you will be able to determine spacing and orient your room. You can always return to this screen if you want to move or change your setup.


  1. Play!


Setup is now complete!  Now all your will need to do is find that games that you would like to display.  When working with rental companies you can often get certain games with the rental of an HTC Vive.  There is also the option of utilizing your own account. Many large companies are investing in their own applications and games so that their employees and potential clients can be taken on adventures.  Checkout the Steam store to browse from hundreds of VR games you can download directly from Steam.


For those of you interested in renting a HTC Vive for your next event, you can contact us here.

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