How To Setup A Kiosk

How To Setup A Kiosk

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Conventions are places where the largest group of target markets converge through kiosks and displays.  Leaving a lasting impression at events is key to any business’s success. So how do you get noticed?


The answer is branding!  Do something to your space to make you stand out and represent your company loud and clear.  With technology constantly creeping in on conferences, there is no better centerpiece for an event than a smart kiosk.  Smart kiosks are easy rentals that can be customized with branding to help your company stand out.  Here is our 5 step guide to running a successful show with a smart kiosk as your focal point.


  1. 1. Determine Your Need


Conferences are where you want your brand to shine the most.  Getting noticed and significant attention at a show could lead to additional revenue later in the year.  Now it is time for you to determine what to pack for your show.


What do you need for your event?  A simple question that should include adding a smart kiosk to your booth.  Necessities of a booth can range from devices to different marketing material and signs.  By adding in a smart kiosk you can solve a variety of needs. These smart kiosks offer charging capabilities, branding opportunities, and are easy to set up.


  1. 2. Decide Company To Rent


Now it is time to determine how you want to get your smart kiosk.  There is the option to buy these kiosks, but they can become extremely expensive, costing thousands of dollars.  This will be out of most small companies reach which is why renting becomes such a great option.


When it comes to conferences, companies frequently will need to rent equipment.  This allows for smaller companies to afford top end equipment without dropping too much money.  Many technology companies will be able to offer a wide variety of options. Aria offers smart kiosks in addition to other technology rentals making us the perfect option for your next event.  This way your company can rent all its equipment from one company, allowing for simpler management.


  1. 3. Submit Branding


You have decided on how to get your smart kiosk, great!  Now you want to make it your own and truly showcase your brand.  Standing out should be your number one goal at conferences and events.  The more traffic you get to your booth the more exposure your brand gets.  Having great images and a coherent message is key. Many companies will allow you to submit your own branding for these smart kiosks.  This way the smart kiosks are sure to stand out and draw attention.


  1. 4. Run Your Show


Everything has been submitted now it is show time!  You will either have the smart kiosk sent to you for your company to set up, or you can hire on-site help.  Orienting the smart kiosk facing outward towards the floor is your best bet.  Not only will you be able to draw in potential clients, you will present a great useful tool.  Many of these smart kiosks have charging station component that will charge phones while keeping them secure.  Enjoy the flocks of people that are sure to stop by as you present your one of a king booth.


  1. 5. Successful Return


The show is over now it’s time to go home.  Well… almost. Taking care of rented equipment is important to both the renter and the client.  By not taking the time to properly teardown and put away your smart kiosk, you are leaving room for the equipment to break.  When you are talking about a multi thousand dollar piece of equipment, that becomes serious! Take the time to pack correctly because your rental company and your wallet will thank you.


By following these steps you are sure to have a successful show using a smart kiosk.  For any additional questions about equipment or rentals you can fill out a contact form for Aria here.

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