How To Scale Your Events

The Event Planners Guide to Basic AV

Every company has a goal of becoming large and profitable.  Unfortunately, it is not a walk in the park to get there. Scaling effectively is a key factor in keeping your employees and clients happy.  If you grow too fast there is risk of having a poor reputation. Growing too slow may mean you have to close your doors before you have gotten a real chance to get started.  Today we are going to focus on the perfect middle point for scaling your company effectively within events and conferences.


Small Company


When you are a small company getting started, budgeting can be one of the most important business tasks.  Spending too much money will leave you in debt and could lead to a rough start. The first step you will want to do is decide who your target market is, and what they like.  Doing this research is essential for creating a viable campaign. Small businesses have specific niches that are attracted to specific technology. For example, you may notice that having a raffle on iPads and stands is great for lead generation.  Oppositely, this may be the extent to which a customer interacts. Having a giveaway or raffle incentives people to take a further look into your company and offerings.


There is also the approach that you may want to try and attract as many people as possible to your booth.  This is where you will want to go down an entertaining setup. Great options would be a gaming computer paired with a virtual reality headset.  Potential clients will be fully immersed in a digital world and will lineup to try the VR gear.  Whether you have your own software or games can sometimes take second to the exposure. Simply having people line up in a way that you can approach and sell your products or services is enough to pay for your expenses.  If this is too much, you can always choose a more affordable VR experience like the Samsung VR.


Medium Company


A  medium size company would be one that has been around for a few events and has resources and funds to create unique exhibits.  Typically these companies have budgets to spend a few thousand for their events. This is to create both buzz and interest within your company.  A good idea would be to start pairing social media posts to events you are going to attend. This drives interest before the event so you have more people coming to see what you are all about.

convention center

Now it is time to focus on your display.  This is the perfect time to drive unique branding opportunities.  Rentals like this would be Smart Kiosks or mobile charging stations.  Smart Kiosks are able to have custom branding and programs to make them unique to your company.  Mobile charging stations create a talking opportunity to drive your brand to potential clients that may have passed by otherwise.  Remember to keep your display interactive and friendly in order to make connections with the most people possible when trying to scale your event.


Large Company


Finally it is down to the large companies.  These are going to be Forbes 500, or companies who can afford to go to many shows throughout the year.  Budgets are going to be extremely high with room to implement the latest and greatest technology. In order to wow at this level, you need to be both unique and smart about how you use your space.  Creating a great environment may be easier than you think!


Great rentals for large companies are going to be video walls and interactive television displays.  Video walls can be created for any size desired.  With the ability to combine different cube segments, the possibilities with video screens are endless.  Larger walls tend to attract more attention, but they also cost more money. Finding the proper balance is key even with large companies.  Interactive television displays are a great way to keep the screen theme. This invites prospective clients into your booth area to explore what you have to offer.  The more convincing your offering the more likely you are to win a client’s business and scale your events!

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