Optimizing Your Shipping Equipment Solutions

Smart Shipments

With every purchase order that comes in, there comes the back end work of gathering equipment and shipping equipment out to your client.  When you are doing multiple shipments everyday, shipping costs start to become a significant factor. How much bubble wrap do we have? do we have enough foam to keep our equipment safe?  Are our boxes sturdy enough?  These are all quintessential questions you should be asking if you want to fully optimize your company.  

We have put together some great shipping tricks that we utilize in order to save on costs and make the shipping process easier.  The core behind this will be recycling materials, taking care of boxes, and properly packaging your equipment. By following these 3 guidelines you will be in good shape when shipping equipment smoothly and cost-effectively.  By following this shipping list you are sure to “pack like Aria” and keep your equipment safe.  




Save all of your shipping materials that you receive!  You should not be throwing out bubble wrap or space fillers unless they are destroyed whenever shipping equipment.  A new shipment of bubble wrap can cost warehouses hundreds of dollars when you could be reusing material sent to you.  In the case that your materials are to worn, there are organizations who will take recyclable materials and put them to use.


Same rules should be applied to boxes.  No box should ever be sent out and then thrown away.  You want to make sure that the box can take weight and does not have too many marks on it.  This is to assure you are still sending out products and packaging that properly represent you and your company.  The worst thing you can do is send out bad packaging materials and then your products are broken in transit.  Check out this great guide on other ways you can utilize shipping equipment that you may not have though of.




Take care of all of your materials.  It can be tempting to rip open boxes and try to save time by speeding through returns and shipments.  Take the extra couple seconds to handle your equipment with care so you give it the best shot of not being damaged.  Show the same respect to other companies materials as you would your own. In an industry that is centered around cross renting, companies will remember if you treat their equipment poorly and may look for other vendors for future jobs.  You can check out some best practices for shipping delicate materials here.


Always make sure you inspect your products and packages before and after you send them.  This gives you insurance if the client claims there is damage, and also helps you create an environment with positive work ethics.  Let your clients know about packaging and how important it is that the equipment is taken care of. In most cases the charges may still fall on your client, but it is better to be open and honest.  Do not hide your policy and potentially give your client a rude surprise after their event ends.  We pride ourselves with open and honest policy to any client who contacts and works with us.   


If you are shipping products constantly then it would also be a good idea to start working with shipping companies.  These are reliable resources that you can rely on as extra support.  In the case that you have shows all over the company having that extra leg of support can be the different between making a show or not.


Proper Packaging


How you pack your equipment really matters!  When you are a technology rental company dealing with thousands of dollars in equipment in orders, how you pack can mean the difference between smashed screens, or a perfect return.  Add in some pictures or let clients know before hand the importance.  By relaying information and giving resources that make the process, you are giving your company additional insurance that only took a few minutes of your time!


Make sure that there is enough packaging material within each box or container.  There should be no empty room for devices to move around as that is the number 1 way damages occur.  Make it so shipping equipment is easy to redo so the client has ease in returning your equipment. In the case that you are sending difficult equipment to pack, send a brief guide or instructions.  This simple task could save your equipment’s life!  Take a look at how we package our materials by renting your next show’s technology through Aria!


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