How To Integrate Technology Within Trade Shows

Trade Shows are the center of many business to business networking events.  These are some of the few times when vendors and customers of specific markets come together.  It is of utmost importance that companies take advantage of these events so they are able to make themselves shine.  The best way to do this is to interact with your audience. Displaying interesting content is great, but the most memorable experiences tend from having your audience to interact with you and your booth.  We put together a list of some of our most successful technology rental solutions to help get your business noticed at your next trade show!


Smart Kiosks


The first recommendation that we have is to integrate smart kiosks into your booth.  Smart kiosks come in a variety of shapes and sizes that can be highly customized to suit your specific event.  Deciding which kiosk you want to utilize, on the other hand, should be chosen carefully. This is to maximize the use of your kiosks so that you are attracting the right audience that will use your products or services of consumers passing by the trade show.

smart kiosk

There are multiple kinds of smart kiosks that can be utilized.  The first is going to be an interactive touch screen. This allows customers to browse your products on the screen.  These kiosks can be custom loaded with content and videos that will be essential to showcasing your brand. Alternatively, there are multiple kiosks that operate as phone charging stations.  Setting up forms to gather information is a great way to gain leads without being to pushy on prospective clients.


Virtual Reality


Virtual reality is the future of integration between both gaming and a professional environment.  Consumers young and old are both fascinated by virtual reality consoles, making for a great way to attract large crowds.  There are various different kinds of virtual reality equipment that can be rented depending on the experience you are looking to give.  There is also the budgeting concerns that may have companies lean more towards a cheaper option like the Samsung VR as opposed to a full system like the Oculus Rift.


Different virtual reality consoles offer different levels of immersion.  Full on virtual reality means that the device completely covers your head.  Augmented reality is similar, but involves glasses that warp the real world around you.  A great example would be the phone game Pokemon Go, that allows the video game world to come alive through your phone.  Companies can create their own custom games and experiences within the different VR consoles.  Maybe your company doesn’t have the resources for their own games, we have you covered.  Aria allows access to a variety of games and content for any company that rents their virtual reality from us!




Pricing is a key factor to everything a company does.  In many cases, virtual reality and smart kiosks may seem like a lot of money to drop for an event.  We totally understand, that is why we are featuring the classic tablet.  Whether it is an iPad, Google, or Android tablet that is irrelevant.  These are the easiest devices to use and to engage clients with throughout the trade show. The easy accessibility and familiarity makes it the perfect portal to showcasing products and services.


There is a high variance on what companies decide to rent within the tablet market.  This is because of the large variety of tablet quality and age.  The most important thing to consider when deciding to rent a tablet is what are you trying to use it for?  Do you want people coming up and watching video and playing games? Or are you looking more for client interaction through activities like surveys?


These are all key factors that you will want to plan before renting your tablet.  This is due to many cases being able to do lower intensity activities on older tablets.  Cost will be greatly reduced without the client experience being negatively affected. On the other hand, if you want to show off videos or high intensity games, go all out.  Show your customer what is possible when working with you, and truly deliver on the “wow” factor.


Video Walls


Nothing quite captures the eye like a giant video wall attached to your trade show booth.  With modern technology we are able to rent video walls by panel.  This enables companies to choose how large or small they want their video wall to be within the trade show.  By connecting many panels together, you are able to create a larger picture, or a variety of smaller pictures.  The choice is yours. The one thing that both options have in common is that they are sure to turn heads when attendees are walking by.

video wall

Space can be a major factor when deciding what video wall you want to set up.  It is best to check with your event organizers to make sure you are able to size out your space before renting equipment.  The worst thing that could happen would be renting a video wall without the proper space to set up.

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