Hottest Smartphone To Rent

Hottest Smartphones To Rent

iPod 7th Gen Rentals

iPod 7th Gen Rentals

Technology is constantly evolving at an ever faster pace.  Smartphones are no exception! The top tech companies are constantly competing to gain and keep large percentages of the mobile phone market.  Companies like Samsung, Google, and Apple dominate the Western market, with companies like Huawei grasping the Eastern markets.


So now the choice is up to you, what type of mobile phone do you want to rent for your events.  There are a lot of factors that should go into deciding your rental. From operating system to applications there are major differences.  For instance, if your company develops its apps and images on the Apple App Store you will need to use Apple products. These are key factors to keep in mind when planning for large scale events.  Here are some of our best advice for deciding what smartphone to rent for your event.


The first thing that you will want to do when deciding which smartphone to rent is going to be deciding your price range.  This will determine whether you are looking for newer or older models. We advise using newer technology if you are using custom applications or loadouts.  By doing this, you will be able to determine the specs that would be needed to run your loadouts smoothly. Once you have determined the minimum requirements, you can take a look at what you will have your attendees doing on the devices. In some cases you may keep them confined to a single application.  This allows for ease of access and keeps your clients on the screens you wish.

Google Phone

Now that you have determined your loadout, it is time to determine if you will need wireless capabilities or not.  For large conventions, there is often on-site wifi which can be utilized. However, frequently at large events the service can be spotty which could impact the quality of service for your smartphones. The best way to prevent this is by buying data for your event.  This way your phone will work on or off wifi. We recommend setting caps or monitoring your data as this can be expensive if your staff or clients are using too much data. 


Great so now you have all of your requirements, how do you decide what brand to pick?  Our recommendation would be combining the price with the requirements you need. In some cases this may be easier than other like a client running their loads on specific systems.  Oppositely, in other cases, it may be less straightforward.  


Apple products are going to be simple and reliable, which makes them the most popular overall brand for smartphone rentals.  Key reasons why they may not be used is if there are custom applications not approved by the app store. Google has less strict regulations for applications allowing for companies to create conference or event apps without the trouble Apple can occasionally cause.  Samsung products are a great fit for if you want to utilize a virtual reality console without spending too much money. The Samsung VR is a great, cheap option that is sure to wow your audience in events to come.

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