Great Ways to Use iPad Rentals at Events

iPads are one of the most popular rental items people use for businesses and events. They are portable and easy to use, making them a versatile tool for any task. Many consumers own iPads at home, so why not incorporate this known technology into events. The touch functionality along with endless array of applications available makes iPads incredibly interactive. Clients and attendees will be drawn in and focused on the task at hand. In a high-tech world, iPads are a great option to integrate technology into any type of event without having to break the bank. They can be a solution to cut down budget costs by using iPads to function in previous high cost areas. Renting instead of buying is the best budget option to maximize event success. iPad Rentals are a simple way to “wow” your attendees and stay with current event trends.

Here is a list of ideas on how to incorporate iPad Rentals into your event.


iPad Rentals at Events

iPad Rentals at Events


Self-Service Kiosks: 

One of the best items to have for an event are iPad Kiosks. An iPad and floor stand combine to give attendees self-service iPad kiosks. Self-Service iPad Kiosks offer a personal and interactive experience. This technology can be utilized for multiple functions. Below are a few ideas.

iPad Kiosks at Aria

iPad Kiosks at Aria


Event Registration

Self-Service iPad Kiosks can be used as an alternative to traditional event registration with a table and multiple staff. Self-Service iPad Kiosks can speed up the check in process by allowing attendees to check themselves in for easy entry. They can be set up to connect to printers for automatic badge printing. Since iPads have a camera, the kiosks can also be used for facial recognition technology to check guests in. iPad Kiosks take up little space and cut down the amount of staff needed for registration. They are a simple solution to get more out of your event budget.


Event Information & Navigation Maps

Self-Service iPad Kiosks can be set up anywhere in the venue to provide information about an event, business or an item of interest. They provide information conveniently at your fingertips. Let attendees scroll through information on their own. iPad Kiosks can be used for navigation maps as well. They can act as a self-service station to view the entire floor plan and locate interests quickly and easily. iPad Kiosks can cut down the cost of staffing in these two areas.


Contact Information & Lead Retrieval

Attendees can instantly give their contact information by inputting it into an iPad Kiosk. Attendees can sign up for services, newsletters, coupons and more without even having to speak with anyone. iPads can be used to input information more quickly and efficiently whether it be by an attendee or staff member. Self-service iPad Kiosks can also be used to scan attendees’ badges for lead retrieval. Attendees’ information is collected digitally for an instant list of qualified prospects.

Touch Technologies

Touch Technologies




Survey Collection

A fast and simple way to collect data is with iPads. Users can comfortably answer survey questions on their own using an iPad. Simply preload an iPad with a chosen survey application to collect data easily. The portability of iPads is an advantage for survey collection. You can set them up at tables or walk around with them to collect participant data. You can even rent an iPad Kiosk to let users approach the survey on their own. Skip paper and pencil surveys for more efficient collection using iPad technology.


Electronic Payment

Connect iPads with square technology to collect credit card payments wirelessly. In a world where electronic payment is the norm (and increasingly used over cash currency), these technology items are essential to have when on the go at events. Simply connect a Square Reader in the headphone jack of an iPad to swipe credit cards or connect a Bluetooth Square Contactless and Chip Reader for chip and contactless transactions. You can also rent an iPad Square Stand for a more secure and stationary point of sale process. iPads and square technology are useful wherever a sale is taking place. They are also helpful with charity events to collect donations and run silent auctions.

Square Stand Rental

Square Stand Rental

Speaker Presentations

Provide iPads to each attendee at a speaker conference or meeting to fully grasp their attention. Rent iPads preloaded with speaker presentations for attendees to follow along and take notes. Provide an iPad Pro 12.9” as an aid for the speaker to view their presentation notes or use it as a teleprompter. This works well for venues that do not have a large enough podium to hold a laptop.



iPads can be used for games to provide an interactive experience for attendees at events. Have attendees compete in trivia quizzes for prizes. Set up a jeopardy iPad wall and have attendees battle against each other. There is a large selection of gaming apps you can download on iPads. Rent iPads preloaded with specified apps and set them out for attendees to play. Set iPads up for children, while you speak with parents about business. Every age attendee can engage in iPad fun.


Graphic Drawing

Have attendees create digital art using an iPad Pro and Apple pencil. This is would work great in a children’s area for entertainment. Hire an illustrator to create digital characters of attendees for a high-tech experience that everyone will enjoy. Attendees can receive their characters via email for a tech experience they can take home with them.

Touch Pen

Touch Pen


iPad Rentals can be the solution for many areas of an event. They are simple, portable and can even save you money when renting with a trusted partner.



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