Great Technology Gifts

Great Technology Gifts


With the holiday season right around the corner, it is time to start thinking of great gift ideas for the whole family.  Gifts can be hard, that is why we have created a great go to guide for technology that the whole team will be able to enjoy.  The best part of the list is that all the gifts are great products for your company to rent that are sure to attract clients. Here is Aria’s top 5 gift recommendations for your technology department!


  1. OLED 4k TV


The first item on our list is going to be an OLED 4k TV.  This is going to be providing you with the highest quality video.  With nearly double the amount of pixels as a normal television, this puts the quality at the top echelon.  There is no better television to use for events either. When you are on a show floor demonstrating your videos, quality is important.  We recommend checking out our inventory and getting in touch to see what 4k TV would be best for you and your business.


  1. Oculus Rift

virtual reality

Our next recommendation is going to be the Oculus Rift.  Currently there are a few different models that you are able to choose from.  The standard Oculus Rift S is going to be attached to a PC. Alternatively, the Oculus Rift Quest is not attached to any PC and can be used without any wires.  There is a steep price difference so it is worth noting that the standard will save you money. However, if you are on the go and do not want to deal with the hassle of setting up the equipment then the Oculus Rift Quest is perfect.


Companies love having virtual reality equipment.  Even if it might not suit your specific niche, we are sure you customers will be interested and enjoy it!  Having the ability to show off virtual reality can wow anyone. With hundreds of games and scenarios to choose from, the options are limitless.  There are even options to create your own virtual games and experiences to truly take your company to the next level. There are now more virtual meetings being held which is another reason to get on the virtual reality train before it has fully left the station and totally taken over.


  1. Nintendo Switch


Next is going to be the Nintendo Switch.  With this gaming device, Nintendo has once again stepped up its game with innovating within video games.  The Switch allows players to play both on a television screen, while then being able to be turned into a handheld device.  Recently Nintendo has also released the Switch Lite which is $100 cheaper, and is only a handheld device. This gives the option to start playing the switch with less of a commitment.


Party games are Nintendo’s strong suits.  Setting up this device at your booth is sure to attract clients.  There are many games with multiple users capable. The ability to have multiple controllers of different styles also is a large appeal to many.  And if for nothing else, it is great fun that your whole team will sure to enjoy.


  1. Apple TV


The Apple TV is exactly as the name entails.  Apple’s version of a television. Their version is much smaller and comes as a slim white rectangular box.  Apple TV offers premium channels and streaming services all in one place. When you may previously need to plug in a computer you can now utilize the Apple TV.  This is a great addition to any office or waiting room. The applications that can be utilized are endless making this a great addition to any office.


  1. iPhone


Last, but certainly not least is the iPhone.  This goes from personal to business matters. No matter if you are renting phones for an event, or are looking for a new phone to buy, the iPhone delivers.  With the newly released model 11, Apple is continuing to hit its stride with its phone technology. There are several different models that are currently available, all of which are great products.  The newest model, iPhone 11, has three cameras and the fastest phone processor currently on the market. However, it also has a hefty price tag while older models have similar functionality for a lower price.  

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