FAQ Technology Rental Industry

The technology rental industry is a vast market of different niches and specialties. Often it can be hard to find answers to some basic questions about technology rentals and the process of choosing whether to buy or rent. We wanted to put together some of the most common questions we run into when talking to clients.  This is a guide meant to help make sure you dive into technology rentals is seamless.


What is the advantage to renting over buying?


Many companies attend or run conferences and trade shows which often require more equipment that any company would like to buy.  By renting instead of buying, companies save millions every year and are able to get more exact products without as heavy as an upfront investment.  This is also a great way for companies to run training or short term programs for large amounts of employees or students.


What are the main cost factors?


Cost is a combination of the equipment you are renting and the location you want your technology sent.  When renting you often have the choice of newer models or older versions. In the case of larger events taking older models may be the right choice to save your company money.  Shipments that are within the same state as the company you are renting from will be substantially less than any out of state shipments.  


Do I need to know how to use the technology?


Many companies offer technology rentals of the latest and greatest technology that may be unfamiliar.  Rental companies specialize in creating instructions and teaching or supplying support when needed. This may come into account if you were a company renting a video wall or virtual reality consoles which may take additional expertise than a computer rental.

What is the difference between business and personal?


Business rentals refer to companies looking to get technology to rent for their shows or events.  Many technology rental companies will not rent to individuals because of the increased risk so it is always in your best interest to check the company you are renting from.  


Is renting new or old equipment better?


This is typically based on client specifications.  Some companies use software or programs that are only run on newer systems which means they would have to run on newer hardware.  Oppositely, if you are looking for iPads to fill out surveys, it might make more sense to save money on the budget and take an older model iPad for this rental.


How much setup can the company do for me beforehand?


Companies are able to preload full images onto computers allowing companies to have fully customized loads for their events. This has become a standard practice in the technology rental industry.

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Written by Nathan Kallen of Kallen Media LLC.

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