FAQ About iPad Rentals

FAQ About iPad Rentals

The iPad Rental industry for meetings and events is entering its ninth year. The industry is still in its growth stages, leaving consumers with many questions in relation to their iPad Rentals. Both businesses and consumers rent iPads for a variety of applications. FAQ about iPad Rentals are grouped in following categories for quick reference:

Where can I rent an iPad?

This question is often asked by consumers who are not familiar with iPad rental companies. Most rental companies do not rent to individuals. For personal use, the best place to rent an iPad is usually a walk in rent a center. For business use and events, there are many options to rent iPads online. Currently, there are over 10 companies online that will rent iPads for events and short term use. Most of these companies, will ship the product to your office or event venue. Some of the large companies will deliver the iPads locally with onsite support. Aria is one of those companies. We offer both options to our clients.

How long is the iPad Rental Period?

The iPad Rental Period is quite flexible. Most rental companies rent iPads and tablets by the day, week or a month. You can rent an iPad for a week and then extend another week if needed. Weekly rates are typically half of the monthly rates. It makes sense to rent an iPad monthly if you need it for longer than two weeks. For most meetings and events, businesses rent iPads for a week. Aria offers buffer time for inbound and outbound shipping at no additional charge as a courtesy to our fine customers.

How much does it cost to rent an iPad?

iPad Rental cost depends upon type of rental iPad, rental period, quantity of iPads and customization required. The need for for an cellular capabilities will also materially affect the iPad Rental price. A newer generation WIFI iPad Rental usually runs about $75.00 per unit per event. That is an average price. Cellular options would be additional. To get best iPad Rental Price, it is important to speak to a knowledgeable sales representative at your chosen partner. Ask for a rental quote in writing to confirm details, timing and specifications of your iPad Rentals. There are many iPad rental plans that can be customized to suit your business needs.

Why businesses rent iPads and tablets?

Businesses rent iPads for trade shows, meetings and sales conferences. App testing, temporary hires, survey fulfillment and event registration are some other great uses for iPad Rentals. Renting iPads for events increases on-site productivity and tracking of lead conversion. Corporate clients often rent iPads for meetings and collaborative projects so that every team member is looking at the same data in aggregate. Aria is happy to have partnered on over 1000+ iPad Rentals nationally.

What cities can you rent iPads in?

iPad Rentals are available in all major cities nationwide. Event hubs in the United States are Las Vegas, Orlando, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, Dallas & New York. Aria has also been fortunate to partner on large events in Nashville, Omaha, Denver, Minneapolis, Seattle, Houston, Detroit, Boston and Portland.

What are typical accessories for iPad rentals?

The most popular accessory for iPad Rentals is a table top or floor kiosk to hold the iPad Rental in place. Lilitab is a very popular manufacturer of high quality stands. Other accessories typically available for rentals are Apple Pencils, handheld straps for iPads, iPad Charging Stations and portable battery packs. The correct bundle of accessories is essential for a successful event experience.

Can I insure my iPad rentals?

Some rental companies offer damage/theft waivers on their iPad Rentals. It is typical to charge approximately 10% of the rental cost to completely insure the rental against damage and/or theft.

What size iPads can you rent?

Most rental companies will rent iPad Minis in 7.9″ and iPad Airs in 9.7″ inch. In recent years, rental offerings have grown to include 11″ iPad Pros and 12.9″ iPads. In 2020, Apple released its 4th Generation of 12.9″ iPads.

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