Difference Between QLED and OLED

Whats the difference?

Televisions are getting more advanced every year with companies coming out with newer technology to wow consumers.  The technology industry has been progressing through higher resolution screens that keep upping the ante. In the past televisions had stuck to what was known, LED technology.  Lately this has started to change by the introduction of newer, crisper picture and technology. The question that many people are asking now is what the difference between a QLED and an OLED.  


The current major players in the TV industry are Samsung, LG, and Vizio.  Samsung and Vizio have leaned towards going down the route of QLED while LG has gone the route of OLED.  Many other companies also go the route of creating QLED technology without using the same terms. This is because there is a larger amount of variance with the QLED televisions since it is not a completely new technology like the OLED technology is.


Samsung has invested its time in making its most high end televisions QLED which stands for a Quantum Dot LED TV.  The QLED model takes the existing LED technology and adds a quantum dot film to the LED “sandwich”. This means that the QLED technology built off the pre-existing technology while OLED is significantly different in its presentation.


Now what is OLED? OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode.  This is fundamentally a different technology because it displays light in a different way from its predecessors.  The diodes are emissive so they each produce their own light coming together to create a crisp picture that is hard to beat in the current market.

What should I rent?

In the current state QLED are cheaper to make because they are built on the current prominent technology which is LCD.  Companies are able to create larger televisions with numerous panels when needed for large trade shows or conventions. One of the largest differences between OLED and QLED is that with the new OLED technology there is no longer a need for a backlight because the diodes emit their own light.


When it comes down to comparing the two televisions side to side the OLED has taken the cake.  Regardless of the higher price tag of the Samsung televisions, the fact that they are QLED makes the overall quality lesser than OLED when the two are directly compared.  There are also a variety of environmental factors you will want to go over before deciding which television type you want to rent. For the highest quality picture in a booth, or if you do not need an overly large display, you may want to look at the variety of QLED.  For the highest quality and newest technology it is worth checking out the OLED technology.


If you are interested in renting the latest monitors for either OLED or QLED television Aria AV would love to assist you.  You can send us a quote or give us a call for a quote so you can make your next event shine as bright as an Organic Light Emitting Diode!

Written by Nathan Kallen of Kallen Media LLC.

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