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Choosing the Right Laptop

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Laptop Rental Success

Choosing the right laptop is an important part of businesses as working from home becomes more popular.  Listed below are four beneficial laptops for rent for versatile workplaces.Read the rest

Interactivity in Touch Technology

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7 Ways To Use iPads To Make Your Event More Efficient

Technology is constantly evolving to meet people’s ever changing taste for interactivity.  Touch technology is on the cutting edge of providing an interactive experience that consumers love. Read the rest

Laptop Rentals

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Laptops are one of the most stable technology rental products throughout the years.  Whether you are going to a large conference or detailed training, there are rented laptops. Read the rest

Technology Trends to Watch

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Technology trends to watch


smartphones and a computer


As we are coming to the last few months on 2019, it is time to take a look forward at some of the top technology trends that are coming in 2020. Read the rest

The Future of Tablets

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The Future of tablets

Computers are constantly evolving and changing to meet the new consumer demands.  One of the largest demands is computers with larger touch screens similar to tablets. Read the rest