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The Future Of Virtual Reality

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The Future of VR


Virtual reality is the newest form of entertainment taking the world by storm.  By putting on a device over your head you are able to be whisked away to different worlds, or maybe just your company business meeting.  Read the rest

Stand Out At Your Next Trade Show

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How to stand out in large conferences


The opening ceremonies have just finished and the masses flood out of the general session room to begin exploring different booths on the exhibit floor.  Read the rest

AV Glossary: The Terms For Planners

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For rookies and experienced planners alike, AV terminology can feel like a foreign language. For those in the industry, a lot of times we don’t think twice about throwing around acronyms and slang.… Read the rest

iPhone 8 Release Rumors

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Apple is rumored to be doing a full revamp with the iPhone 8 release. With new features encompassing both design and functionality, the iPhone 8 hopes to leave competitors in its wake.… Read the rest

Popular iPad Mini Rentals

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Apple iPad Mini Rentals have gained significant traction with advertisers, design companies, producers and meeting planners. Shortly after Apple launched the popular new product in late 2012, Aria Technology Solutions added the Tablet to its line-up of Tablets.… Read the rest