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Branded Devices at Events

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Branding and marketing efforts are expanding every year for companies.  As technology evolves, so do the ways companies can entice consumers at large scale events.  Companies constantly need to adapt if they hope to engage people to become potential clients from marketing efforts. Read the rest

Top Gaming Console Rentals

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Top gaming console rentals are becoming more popular every year around the world.   Branding your company as a trendsetter in technology is key to winning over clients.Read the rest

Top 10 Technology Rental Articles

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Computer Board


We have been excited to share so much great information regarding technology rentals throughout the past years.  Within this blog, we wanted to highlight some of our most useful articles.Read the rest

Projector Recommendations for Your Event

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Projectors are a staple to many significant events.  Without them, a massive screen would be needed, that is much more expensive.  High-end projectors allow for events to have spectacular visual, without spending too much money. Read the rest