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Samsung 46" Video Wall Panels-Orlando

Samsung 46″ Video Wall Panels-Orlando


Branding and marketing efforts are expanding every year for companies.  As technology evolves, so do the ways companies can entice consumers at large scale events.  Companies constantly need to adapt if they hope to engage people to become potential clients from marketing efforts.  This trend is why we put together some of the best technology that your company can rent to market through branded devices and engaging booths at events.


Video Walls


Video walls are easy ways to captivate your audience from across a room.  As booth space becomes more of a premium, enticing people to come to engage with your company becomes ever more important.  Displaying large images through video walls is one of the best ways to show off your brand. You are sure to attract attention and force your audience to stop watching your branded content.


Large events can call for larger video walls.  Thankfully, one of the perks of video walls is that they are typically made up of smaller video tiles that link together.  This linking ability allows for full customization of size and shape. Diving even deeper, this customization can be done on the actual content leading to captivating experiences for the audience.  Regardless of your brand or message, video wall technology will make a great impact at your next event.


Video Kiosk


Video kiosks are a new interactive way to engage with your audience.  These kiosks allow for fully customized branding content within them. The content can range from pictures to videos displaying what your company is all about.  Within the video kiosk market, there is a variety of different shapes and sizes to choose from.


For companies looking to engage their audience within their booth, something like the 43” slanted touchscreen kiosk would be perfect.  However, some companies may be looking more for a shock and awe factor.  In this case, using something larger like an 86” stretch LED display would fit the bill.  These kiosks can also be touch screen friendly, or simply a branding technique.  No matter the way you decide to use these branded devices, there is no denying they are getting more and more popular every year.


Virtual Reality


Virtual reality is a great way to set up lines extending well beyond your booth.  Within the virtual reality segment, there are a plethora of different devices to choose from.  In some cases, you may choose to use the Samsung VR, which is both cost-effective, and still a great virtual reality experience.  Additionally, this VR system does not require a lengthy environment setup that comes with some of the more advanced systems.


Virtual Reality Rentals

Virtual Reality Rentals



For an extremely immersive experience, we would recommend using a system like the Oculus Rift VR headset.  This system hooks up the internet gaming portal called Steam.  By accessing the steam platform it allows for a wide variety of games.  Additionally, Steam supports custom games and content. For this reasoning, many companies have decided to use this portal to create custom content for VR systems.  We have seen clients create fully immersive experiences and demos through the Steam store platform utilizing your branded devices.


Touch Screen LEDs


Our final category of technology is going to be touch screen LEDs.  Touch screen technology is becoming more inclusive in all our technology.  It encourages the user to engage with your content more than watching from afar.  For this reasoning, we are recommending more than ever to utilize the touch aspect of screens at events.


With so many different screens to choose from, why not choose a touch screen?  It entices customers to interact with your booth much more than traditional monitors.  There is a wide variety of products available to fit this need perfectly. From interactive Dell 4k monitors to a wide range of touch screen monitors of all sizes.  Upgrade your booth with the move to touch technology to increase traffic at your next event.


For more updates on the best technology to utilize in the event space, be sure to follow our blog for weekly posts.  We hope you are able to create more branded content for your next event utilizing some of the technology mentioned in this post.

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