Best Rentals for Meeting Planners

Meetings in 2018 are now incorporating technology more than ever. The advancements in technology today have proven to show their advantages in meetings. Technology can make meetings easier, while also adding engagement to the experience. An engaging experience makes for an effective discussion. We put together a list of the best rentals for meeting planners. These rentals are utilized to ensure a successful meeting.




Projectors are easily the most used technology at meetings for a reason. With one device, presentations can be displayed for all attendees to see and follow along to. Display presentations, photos, videos and more using a projector. Projectors vary by how many lumens are needed based on venue details. At Aria AV, we can recommend what type of projector works best for your specific meeting. Projector screens can be rented as well for a one stop solution.


LED Displays

LED Displays are a great rental when a screen or wall is not available for a projector display. Some meeting venues/rooms may not allow for a projected screen space. In this case, LED Displays can be used as an alternative. Paired with a dual post, LED Displays can be lifted off the ground for all attendees to see. This pairing can be placed anywhere in the room, including the center front or sides of the of “presenter stage.” LED Displays can also be used as a helpful addition in large venues where sight of the projector screen is limited in the back/sides of the room. They can be instead placed in the middle sides of attendee seating to ensure everyone can follow along.



Laptops Rentals ensure that every attendee has a reliable computer for the meeting. Instead of having attendees bring their own, rent laptops from a trusted partner. They are then all uniform in appearance and settings. You can custom configure each laptop to your specific settings allowing the meeting to run smoothly. The laptops can be configured to include Microsoft programs, pre-downloaded presentations and programs, bookmarked websites/quizzes or restricted web browsing, company personalization and more. There’s no need to go through the hassle of having attendees set up their WiFi or download a program. No need to worry about attendee’s personal laptop battery life or power cords spread across the room either. All can be prepared beforehand with laptop rentals. At Aria AV, we offer setup services (with delivery and pick up) along with the option of technicians to stay onsite the duration of your meeting to ensure a flawless experience.



iPads are a widely used rental for corporate meetings. There are many advantages to this piece of technology. Whether it be for a small office room of 10 attendees or a large lecture hall of 100 attendees, iPads can be very useful. An iPad can be given to every attendee to be used as a second screen. Similarly to laptops, iPads can also be custom configured to business meetings. Apps and presentations can be pre-loaded to iPads. WiFi can be configured prior to the meeting as well to ensure all time is focused on the presentation. Attendees can effortlessly follow along with the speaker’s presentation. Notes can even be taken directly on the iPad and sent via email. iPads can be an alternative for laptops and computers and be a more cost effective option. iPads can be helpful when a projector is not available as an option as well.


Microsoft Surface Hub

The Microsoft Surface Hub is specifically designed for business. The Surface Hub encourages collaboration and creative thinking. This technology is a digital touchscreen whiteboard. With 100 multi-touch points, you can make notes directly onto the screen. Multiple devices can connect wirelessly to create and brainstorm with split screens. Not everyone is able to attend the meeting? Skype in with the Surface Hub to attend virtually. Built in are two front facing cameras, stereos and a microphone. There are many apps to choose from that can be utilized. At Aria AV, our Microsoft Surface Hub Rental comes with the original Microsoft Rolling Stand to make mobility easy.


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