Benefits of Renting Printers and Scanners

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Within the technology industry, technology comes and goes.  However, when you are dealing in the technology rental industry, technology tends to stick around much longer.  One of the staples of this technology is renting printers and scanners.  


This technology has been around for years and is still one of the essential pieces of equipment within an office setting.  Similarly, both printers and scanners are both seen as necessary for most large event scenarios. Whether it is for printing off last-minute documents or scanning essential documents, these pieces of equipment still save the day.  


Having a printer and scanner onsite helps mitigate any potential issues that might arrive.  These pieces of equipment are perfect for both offices and registration settings. The decision comes down in most cases, to whether it is better to rent or buy scanners and printers.  Here is a breakdown of why we believe it is always more beneficial to businesses we work with to rent their equipment.

  1. Constant Support


Providing onsite support for significant events can be essential for complicated equipment.  Moreover, sometimes we understand clients can be busy with their job and don’t need to add to the number of tasks on their list.  We allow clients to decide if they need constant support or not. Regardless of their decision, clients must be knowledgable about the products they are renting.  When someone buys a product, they are left up to their own devices to figure out how to use a product for their specific uses.


  1. Expert’s opinion


When you are deciding what type of printer or scanner you are looking for, there are many factors to take into consideration.  Typically when our clients are searching, they may know roughly what functions they need, but not an idea of what model. In some instances, this may lead to purchasing a product that is much more expensive than is needed, damaging the bottom line.  By renting a product from Aria technology solutions, you can get in contact with a technology rental expert to determine the perfect outcome for your situation.


In the case of buying a product, the required knowledge of the product allows for proper use.  If you are unfamiliar with the product, you may need to look at videos or read through tedious manuals.  By utilizing rented equipment, experts can walk you through the essentials. This tactic can help jumpstart time-sensitive events or products—no need to waste your time going through long setup processes. Technology rental companies can customize your product to your specifications by the time it reaches your location.  This tactic cuts down on setup times when having the product matters.  

Pay by the page


What is the most common trend in printing technology?  Typically the ink is more expensive than the printer for most small scale printers.  This reasoning makes it more useful to buy cheaper printers over again, than spending the additional money on ink.  However, with larger-scale printing project needs, this tactic or cheap printer will not suffice. A larger, more expensive product is needed.


Often these larger printers can have substantial costs associated with the outright purchase of the product.  Renting the printer and scanner on a “need to” basis makes more sense financially. There are two common ways that these printers are rented.  These are on a time scale and then by a page count.  This system means that organizations only pay for the ink that they use at a pre-determined rate. Alerting your technology rental provider about any huge jobs can also ensure that you have enough ink for your whole project.  However, there is also always the option of ordering ink further down the line. The reasoning for this would be if your company were doing a longer-term rental.


Now you know all the benefits of renting a printer and scanner compared to buying.  The amount of support and setup allows for customization before your event. Technology rental companies allow for pre-setup customizations and stocking, allowing for your event to go smoothly and without a problem.  If you are interested in renting printers and scanners for your next event, get in touch with us for a quote today.

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