Benefits of Charging Stations at Events

Renting a charging station for an event has many benefits for both you and your attendees. In today’s world, technology is making engagement easier and more memorable. A charging station does exactly that and shows your attendees that you care about them, while keeping their phones charged for extra elements of event awareness and brand awareness. Utilize one of the most popular event technology trends, charging stations, and see the success it will have at your next event. Read below to learn how charging stations can be successful for your event.


Charging Station Rentals-Aria

Charging Station Rentals-Aria


Show Your Attendees You Care

Having a charging station at an event, especially an event with a long time frame, shows your attendees you care about them and their well-being. If your event is more than a few hours long, chances are more likely that attendee’s cellular device battery will be drained. This can impose as a problem as number of outlets are extremely limited in venue spaces, especially trade shows venues. Lack of outlets are an issue for event planners worldwide. A charging station provides an easy solution for a lack of outlets for multiple people. Charging stations only need one plug outlet to fast charge numerous devices.

If you do end up finding an open outlet, you have to wait by it to guard your belongings. Charging stations can be a solution to this, as there are a few stations that have lockers. Aria AV has an Atlas Charging Station that contains 10 lockers, eight lockers for cell phones and two lockers for tablets. Lockers provide a safe and secure environment for attendees to leave their cell phone while they continue to enjoy the event. No time has to be wasted standing by your cell phone, waiting for it to charge. The event can advertise the charging station location and on the event map, for immediate charging of one’s device. Attendees will be grateful there is a place designated for device charging.


Atlas Charging Rentals

Atlas Charging Rentals


Keep Your Attendee’s Phones Charged for Event Awareness

Just about everyone now a days, owns a cell phone and carries it everywhere they go. With current technology, cell phones allow for a multitude of different functions from texting, calling, sending emails, taking pictures & videos, and more. Attendees drained out cell phones can take away from them posting about the event online. Attendees will be unable to take photos & videos and unable to post about it on social media. Attendee’s advertising about your event or booth is an important aspect to the overall success of the experience. Charging stations can keep attendees cell phones charged enough to talk about their time and experience at the event.


Extra Element of Brand Awareness

Renting a charging station for an event is not only beneficial for attendees, but it is also beneficial to the event and its sponsors. Charging stations add an extra element of branding to the event. Charging stations themselves can be fully branded and customized to the event or company sponsors.

Charging Stations can be fully wrapped with branding. A wrap can be customized to your event or company to cover the charging station. All that is needed to create a sticker wrap is a PDF or Illustrator file. Aria AV has special technicians that wrap the charging station for a smooth and flawless branded surface. The charging station can be covered in company brand awareness.

Charging stations not only contain charging tips and lockers, but they can also contain LED displays. LED displays are an added element to the charging station and are great for advertising. Aria AV’s Flex Charging Station has a 20 inch HD LED display screen that is incorporated into the top of the charging station. Aria AV’s Atlas Charging Station has an optional 32 inch or 40 inch HD LED screen that sits on top of the charging station lockers. These LED displays allow for full media presentations to be shown. Images or video with sound can be played on these LEDs easily by USB. Pre-load your content, for example logos and video ads, for attendees to view while hooking up their devices or even walking past the charging station. LED displays are an added bonus to charging station benefits.


Aria Charging Rentals

Aria Charging Rentals



A charging station is an easy solution to gain benefits for both you and your attendees. Renting a charging station for an event will increase the success of everyone’s event experience. Rent a charging station for your next event with a trusted event rental partner, Aria AV. Aria AV will make your rental experience easy and one less thing to worry about when planning your event. Explore our charging stations here and explore all our rental products here.


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