5 Tips to Sanitize Laptop Rentals

5 Tips to Sanitize Laptop Rentals







It has always been industry practice to clean and sanitize laptop rentals before deployment. During the current Covid-19 pandemic, the need to follow these protocols has only been magnified. Here are 5 tips to sanitize laptop rentals.


Electronic Wipes

Electronic wipes are available to purchase at your local computer store such as Best Buy. They are also available at Walmart or online at Amazon. Make sure to wipe both the screen and keyboard on a daily basis. The keyboard is the greatest single source of germs on a laptop. For this reason a daily wipe before and after use is a good idea. A package of electron wipes typically should cost between $4-$6 per bottle. Popular brands such as Windex and Weiman.


UV Lights

UV lights are the quickest way to sanitize laptop rentals. By moving a UV light over they keyboard and screen, you can eliminate 99% of viruses and germs living on your device. They are a very cost effective way of cleaning as one UV light can work effectively for 4000-6000 hours. UV lights can be bought online for $15-$20 each on average.


Washing Your Hands Before and After Use

Typing is one of the fastest ways germs spread to laptop rentals. Washing your hands before and after computer use will help protect both you but the next potential user as well . This is especially important if you are using a touchscreen device or touchscreen based laptop rental.


Clorox Wipes for the Outside Shell

Clorox Wipes can be used for the outside shell (non screen) of your laptop rentals. Clorox Wipes are economical and readily available in the market. We advise against using them on the screen itself, but they are safe on outer housing and bezels.


Desks/User Surface

It is also important that the desk or surface you place your laptop rental on is cleaned before placement. Desks should be wiped down and cleaned before laptop placement. The surrounding desktop area should we wiped down on a daily basis.

Aria AV carries a full line of laptop rentals and always follows laptop sanitation protocols before deployment. Thank you for reading our 5 tips to sanitize laptop rentals.





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