5 Tips for Packing iPad Rentals

iPad Rentals Packing

Have you ever shipped computers or iPads only to open the box and find it broken? It is definitely a frustrating  and expensive experience.  Shipping computer equipment the right way can save you time and money.  Here are 5 steps to take to insure your computer rental equipment finds its way safely.

Step 1-Getting the equipment ready

Make sure the computer equipment is powered off and all cables are unplugged from the product.  Any loose cables should be tied neatly. Place all iPads and Tablets back in their respective protective folios.

Step 2-Preparing the equipment for shipping

Wrap the equipment tightly in bubble wrap (or cushioned packing material) ensuring it is completely protected on all sides. Any accessories should be wrapped separately to avoid damage.

Step 3-Choosing the proper container

The Carton you are shipping the product in should be slightly larger than the equipment and strong enough to hold its weight.  You do not want the box to be too large as the equipment would move around inside the box and become damaged. Aria recommends using only DW boxes of at least 200 lbs. strength.

Step 4-Sealing the container

Close and seal the bottom of the carton with 2” wide packing tape. Place about 3 strips of tape to create a stronger bottom. Place items in carton if there is a lot of extra space fill it in with more bubble wrap or packing material. Close and Seal the top of the carton with about three strips of packing tape. Ensuring it is closed securely check that the tape is on flat and secure. When it comes to tape, more is always better.

Step 5-Label

Attach the shipping label to the top of the carton. In addition, place the packing slip in its envelope on the outside of the carton. Your package is ready to be shipped. Aria Rentals recommend placing a second address label on each box as a double check for freight carriers.

Taking the proper steps to ship computer rental equipment is very important, with the continued use and movement from place to place. Aria Technology Rentals carries a large variety of computer rental equipment and we know the importance of shipping equipment the right way every time.

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