5 Essential Technology Rental Brands

Renting technology for events is a major decision for any company.  Choosing a company that provides excellent service and quality brands is essential.  When looking at brands, sometimes it can be hard to tell who you want to spend your money on.  Some brands focus on great quality at a high price tag, while others are more affordable with lower specifications.  Today we are going to focus on 5 essential technology rental brands that you should be renting technology from.




First, we are going to focus on the tech giant Apple.  Apple has been a leader in technology for over 20 years.  Currently, they are streamlining the efforts to create smooth technology with clean user interfaces.  The technology created is top of the line, this also comes with a higher price tag than most other brands.


Laptop Rentals

Laptop Rentals


When deciding what rental to choose, there are several viable options.  The most popular is going to be the Apple iPad.  These tablets are great for both meetings and training sessions without costing too much money.  Apple offers a great laptop selection like the Apple Mac Pro and Macbook Air.  While these models are more expensive than other laptops, they are great for video editing and high capacity jobs.



The next tech giant was are going to look at is Samsung.  Samsung is based out of South Korea and has been rapidly expanding in the past 15 years.  The breadth of products is impressive with technology ranging from televisions to tablets to smartphones.  No matter your technology needs Samsung has something for everyone.


Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9


The most popular Samsung rentals that we have are going to be the televisions and Samsung Tablets.  While Samsung did have a major slipup with their tablets years ago, their current models are high end with great capabilities.  We would recommend Samsung for anyone looking for Windows capabilities as well.



No technology list is complete without Microsoft.  Microsoft has been the leading name in computer technology for decades.  Their dedication to delivering smooth operating systems with quality designed has persisted through the years.  Currently, Microsoft continues to make strides with its Windows technology. They have also started expanding into more portable technologies in recent years like tablets and smartphones.



The most popular of the Windows tablets are going to be the Surface Pro.  We have multiple models in stock allowing for a wide range of pricing.  We have both older and newer models, making sure we have the exact model to fit your price and budget.  Our models also have up to 128 GB of storage so we can custom load anything you need onto your models before we ship them out!



The most common name in search is Google.  However, you may be less familiar with them on the hardware side.  Google has been making strides to enter the hardware market for years.  They have developed both smartphones and tablets that compete with any other name brand.



One of the best features of renting Google tablets is that we can deliver them nationwide!  This includes both the Google Pixel and the Google Nexus tablet.  These are great options for events where you are running Windows operating systems.




The final brand that we are going to cover is Life’s Good or LG.  LG is a dominant brand that focuses on making high-end monitors. These monitors provide a great picture at an affordable price making them one of the most popular brands to both rent and purchase.



LG’s selection of OLED rentals is the top line for models that we have.  These are light-emitting diodes that provide better resolution and lasting time than normal televisions.  This also provides a crisp picture that is top of the line. LG also provides a large selection of QLED depending on your price range.  No matter what your choice, you can rest easy knowing you have a quality brand with great monitors.


Aria is pleased to be able to offer all 5 of these essential technology rental brands.  We offer everything from monitors, to computers, to tablets. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a free quote on the world’s top-end technology rentals!

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