4 Steps To Renting A Laptop

4 steps to renting a laptop

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Today we are going to go over the best situations to rent laptops, and how to do it.  This will focus on the business to business aspect as that is the most common form of technology rentals.  Renting can be critical for both saving on budget while also producing an event with top of the end equipment.  New equipment can be extremely expensive to purchase for limited use, that is where having the ability to rent equipment comes into play.  Here are 4 easy steps to get your company great equipment to ensure you have a successful event.


1. Decide if renting is the right option


The first step in renting a laptop is going to be deciding if the situation is right.  For large corporate events or conferences, often times there can be hundreds, if not thousands, of attendees.  If you bought laptops for even half of them that would end up costing a ton of money.


Renting eliminates the risk of spending too much for technology.  For large events or training sessions you can end up spending 20% or less of the laptops value for the rental.  This makes renting laptops for events a much for financially viable option for large and small companies alike.


Think lots of people with a limited time constraint.  If you are buying laptops or other computer for your office permanently, you would probably want to buy them.  This is because you plan on using the resources until they wear out. Renting equipment allows you to constantly have the best equipment, since most rentals will not go longer than a few weeks to months.


2. Contact rental company for quote


Once you have decided that your event is suitable for renting, it is time to contact companies.  In most cases this can be as easy as a Google search for Laptop rentals. This will pull up the list of possible companies that you can rent from.


Considerations should be made regarding the specifications you are looking for along with the intended use.  This will help you choose the laptop model that suits your needs and your budget. In many cases, you probably will not need the latest and greatest technology, and can probably get by using an older model.  


After you have gotten all your details together, it is time to get a quote from your rental company.  The quote will outline the pricing for the product, shipping, and any additional services you may need provided.  Rental companies often also offer additional services like tech support if needed for larger events.


3. Confirm event information for setup


Be opened and detailed with your rental team.  Let them know what the purpose of the laptops are and if anything is needed to be done with them.  Often for large events companies may want a specific load uploaded onto the computers. Sometimes event spaces or planning can get confusing, so it’s best to keep open lines of communication.  This ensures that there are no mishaps and the show goes smoothly for all parties involved.


Rental companies are able to using cloning and software to preload laptops with any image needed.  This means having fully customized laptops ready to go for your event is never farther than a phone call away!  As a client, you now have more freedom and options than ever to create an amazing custom event through renting.


4. Return equipment To technology rental companies


The final step in the process after the event has finished is the return process.  Events take a lot out of people, so sometimes it can be easy to get lazy on pack out.  This is one of the most common places where equipment is broken or misplaced when shipping back to technology rental companies!

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When working with a rental company it is important to make sure you have everything you need before the event starts.  Do you have all your boxes and cases needed? Are your materials packed properly? Do you remember how to repack the equipment?


These are all critical questions that can easily passed by when in a hurry to strike a show.  Consequently, these are also the most common places to get charged. Damaged or lost equipment can result in additional charges.  Charges are a quick way to turn laptop rentals from money saver to money drainer.


By following these 4 steps you are sure to find a great technology rental companies that will help your company succeed.  You can visit our list of laptops available for rental, and we wish you the best of luck renting laptops at your next event.

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