4 Great iPad Accessories

The iPad has become a staple among consumers, as well as the technology rental industry.  But why simply use an iPad? Sure it is an extremely high quality tablet with lots of features, but what if you could do more?  


We at Aria are here to show you some of our favorite iPad accessories.  These accessories are sure to enhance your experience, while offering a plethora of extra options.  From advanced cases to wireless capabilities, there is sure to be an accessory that can enhance any event no matter what the size.  Here are Aria’s top 4 iPad accessories that you can add onto any iPad rental to make sure your next show is a huge success.


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  1. Handheld case


The first iPad accessory on our list if going to be the Handheld case.  This is going to be the perfect accessory when you are looking to use iPads on the go.  Frequently within large conferences iPads are used as check in devices. This means that someone may be walking around, or standing up manually checking people in.  Either way, the iPad is required to be held which gives room for the potential of dropping the device.  


Utilizing a handheld case allows for easier accessibility and increased safety when on the move.  Handheld cases may not be necessities in every show, but for those high octane, busy shows, it is best to be safe rather than sorry!  The easy strap on the back slides over your hand so it will stay attached without needing to be held.


  1. Stereo Stand


The second iPad accessory is going to be the Stereo Stand.  iPad kiosks are a highly popular trend.  Kiosks allow for iPads to be setup and positioned for large groups of people.  Often times you may want to utilize the sound from the iPad. In busy environments that can be difficult with the default speaker quality.  Ordering sound equipment to hookup or attach to the bluetooth may be unreliable in some cases, and too expensive in others. This is where a Stereo Stand comes into play.


The Stereo Stand comes with built in speakers.  This way you can have your iPads displayed where you want.  Instead of having to deal with cables and connections, all you do is hook your iPad up to your stand.  The sound system built in is perfect for narrating instructions or giving additional sound for videos. With such an easy fix, there is no reason you shouldn’t be utilizing a Stereo Stand for your next event when you want to utilize sound from your iPads.


  1. Wireless hotspot


There is nothing more vital than a stable connection in crunch time.  Whether this be a trade show or a training session, you want to have your equipment and connections working.  Wireless connections can be unpredictable especially when you are using a conference’s WiFi. Don’t waste your time with their tech support trying to figure out why the connection is not working.  Take a look at a Wireless Hotspot.


Wireless Hotspots allow you to have your own personal network for your gear.  These networks are both secure and accessible only by your team. You are able to buy a specific amount of data, or pay as you go.  These options give you the security of knowing you will have a secure network capable of performing all the tasks needed to make your event a huge success.


  1. Charging cabinet


Large events require a large amount of devices.  There may be instances where hundreds of iPads are needed for training or during events.  This is great because they can all have the same load and configuration. However, it still leaves the sticky situation of how am I going to charge all these devices?  Sure you may have 500 chargers, but you will never find that many ports in a specific location. This is where the Charging cabinet comes in.


The Charging Cabinet offers a secure station with multiple ports for charging cables.  This allows you to both securely lock your devices, while also having them charge overnight.  Charging is essential to keeping your devices working, we would recommend this for any event that takes more than 20 devices.


Aria hopes you enjoyed these tips for making the most out of iPad accessories!

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