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The Event Planners Guide to Basic AV

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Let’s face it: Audiovisual can be a little intimidating. You look at your bid and you see all those model numbers, cables, connectors, and mystery boxes, and you can’t help but feel like you’re looking at cryptic hieroglyphics from some advanced alien civilization.Read the rest

Best Rentals for Meeting Planners

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Meetings in 2018 are now incorporating technology more than ever. The advancements in technology today have proven to show their advantages in meetings. Technology can make meetings easier, while also adding engagement to the experience.… Read the rest

Great Ways to Use iPad Rentals at Events

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iPads are one of the most popular rental items people use for businesses and events. They are portable and easy to use, making them a versatile tool for any task. Many consumers own iPads at home, so why not incorporate this known technology into events.… Read the rest

How to Increase Gamification & Engagement Through Event Rentals

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Engagement and Gamification: these two words have been showing up on the hot lists of meeting event technology articles for a couple of years now, and as younger millennial audiences demand “experiences” rather than events, they continue to be some of the hottest buzzwords in the industry.… Read the rest